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Unlike other "news" sites pertaining to the pro wrestling world, The Wrestling Chronicle likes to focus on reader participation content. TWC brings you thoughts and opinions from real wrestling fans and awesome video content like "HobosGhost's Scavenger Hunt"to showcase the large (and sometimes weird) history of pro wrestling.

Right now we are looking for both full and part time contributors to the site to deliver and constant stream of original content.Content including PPV recaps both past and present, weekly recaps of all WWE and TNA programming, and daily report of news and events happening on the independent wrestling scene.

Anyone who has extensive knowledge with current events in Japan and UK would be a welcomed edition as well.

TWC is the home of the Piledriver Podcast but we are looking to expand into a conglomerate of podcasts each delivering specific content, same as mentioned above.

Serious inquiries only. Yes we do this for fun and any finances dealing with the site is out of pocket but we take what we do seriously. This isn't a job and you certainly don't need a journalism degree to contribute, this is for fun. But again only inquire if you really want to contribute.
Not a writer but still want to help? Just share this and maybe someone following you would be interested. It's a huge help anytime The Wrestling Chronicle can get it's name out.

To contact me (Erik):

Thanks for all the help! Hope to work with some of you soon!
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