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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

SmackDown Live Recap - 10/2/18; Last Stop Before Super-Showdown

We're five days away from Super-Showdown but more importantly, Aiden English will reveal what happened between he and Lana in Milwaukee!

SmackDown Live GM Paige starts the show off in the middle of the ring claiming Samoa Joe was almost fired for showing up to AJ Styles’ home unannounced and certainly unwanted. We then get a video message from the WWE Champion for his home:

R-Truth and Carmella def. Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega: This match was fantastic for one reason. Carmella. That’s right, The Princess of Staten Island. The crowd was hot for her (and TruthTV) the entire match. She comes in off a great hot tag and immediately strings together a succession of moves that looked great. R-Truth defies the laws of mortality with a dive to the outside. Vega tried rolling Carmella up but Carmella blocks the attempt. Vega attempts a jackknife cover but Carmella executes a beautiful reversal into the Code of Silence submission. Vega taps. More of THAT Carmella please.

Tye Dillinger asks Paige for, and is granted, a match against Randy Orton.

The New Day brought out Mr. Bootyworth who was going to let the WWE Universe how he makes The New Day’s most vital source of power, the pancakes. Before Mr. Bootyworth can speak he is interrupted by the #1 Contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, The Bar. Sheamus and Cesar’s ruin the fun and dispose of The New Day. Mr. Bootyworth is left all alone to be bullied by The Bar who covet Mr. Bootyworth in his own pancake batter. Absolutely atrocious.

The Tye Dillinger/Randy Orton match never officially began as both men just started brawling with each other. Dillinger at one point was in control but The Viper caught him and took over. Orton then goes into that zone where he wants to do something disgusting. Orton traps one of Dillinger’s finger in the turnbuckle and wrenches back. This stuff makes me...uncomfortable.

The Miz reveals he talked to Paige and got Shelton Benjamin a match against Daniel Bryan. The Miz doesn’t want Benjamin to just win, he wants Shelton to hurt Daniel Bryan.

Before we go to break we see Aiden English going over the final preparations to reveal what exactly happened in Milwaukee with Lana.

The Milwaukee Incident

Shelton Benjamin def. Daniel Bryan: Great match. Very physical. The Miz was on commentary so I expected him to get involved somehow but I didn’t think his distraction would lead to Benjamin with a clean victory over Daniel Bryan. Maybe this leads to more opportunities for Shelton? If so I am all for it.

After the match The Miz beats Daniel Bryan down.

Asuka def. Peyton Royce: I can’t believe figured out a way for me not to care about Asuka. I’m sort of impressed...

Becky Lynch reveals what her Super-Showdown surprise is. The SmackDown Live Women’s Champion is annoyed that even though she defeated Charlotte Flair and is now the Champ, she’s not the one who is getting all the attention. Charlotte is the one on all the promotional videos, the magazine covers, and WWE in general. Becky reveals her very own Super-Showdown poster, one with only her standing tall with her WWE Women’s Championship. Obviously this doesn’t sit well with Charlotte Flair who charges the ring. Charlotte gets the better of Becky in the brawl and looks strong to close out the show.

I thought tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live was enjoyable, but Raw did a better job of getting people excited for Super-Showdown on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, SmackDown is doing a lot of things right such as a potential Orton/Dillinger program and Carmella and R-Truth’s pairing.

What did you think of SmackDown Live?

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