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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SmackDown Live Recap - 9/25/18; Unexpected House Guests

SmackDown Live kicks off with R-Truth with Carmella and the first episode of Truth TV. Truth TV is basically a parody of Miz TV so what’s the best way to top it? Have the first guest be Miz’s arch enemy Daniel Bryan. Truth asks Bryan how cathartic it has been to be in this situation with The Miz for what seems to be years now. Daniel gives the prototypical answer hyping the match at Super Showdown. Out comes The Miz who is obviously not happy with what is going on in the ring. Miz says Bryan will never get a chance at the WWE Championship because he lets his morals get in the way of winning by any means necessary. The Miz wants his show back but the only way to get it back is to beat R-Truth in a fight. The Miz storms off to the back to complain to SmackDown GM Paige who sided with Truth which means we have a match...for a TV show?

The Miz def. R-Truth: Nothing crazy to note about this one. Miz continued to use Bryan’s offense, this time with Daniel Bryan seated at commentary. Miz wins with Daniel Bryan’s running knee. Looks like Truth TV gets cancelled after the pilot. I was really digging the seven second dance offs.

Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte Flair backstage during a photo shoot. Damn she’s good at being evil.

Sheamus def. Big E: Commentator Tom Phillips perfectly described this match as a “hoss battle”. I was surprised with Sheamus getting the win but the Brogue Kick was right on the button.

Aiden English dropped a bombshell. Something went down in Milwaukee that only Aiden and Lana know about. Go crazy fanfic writers.

Asuka and Naomi def. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Tye Dillinger vs. Shinsuke Nakamura ends in a No Contest: Randy Orton came out and attacked Dillinger for some reason.

Becky Lynch def. Lana: I expected this one to be completely one sided but it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, Becky was still dominant, she is Champion after all. Lana is showing some real signs of improvement in the ring which in due time could be a boost for the Women’s Division. Becky gets the win with a submission to the Disarmer.

Backstage Aiden English says he will provide video proof pertaining to what went down in Milwaukee.

Contract Signing for WWE Super-Showdown WWE Championship Match

I really enjoyed this week’s SmackDown. Guys like R-Truth and Tye Dillinger getting TV time and Aiden English in a program with Rusev. SmackDown is easier to get through and doesn’t feel like a chore.

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