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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

SmackDown Live Recap - 9/11/18; Last Stop Before Hell in a Cell

Just five days away from Hell in a Cell, Jeff Hardy faces Shinsuke Nakamura, The Bar battles Rusev Day to see who faces The New Day this Sunday, and more!

Jeff Hardy def. Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ: This match was pretty long but didn't have anything memorable to not, just both men sort of going through the motions and doing their moves. The match ended in disqualification thanks to Randy Orton knocking Hardy off the top rope. Orton attacked Jeff with a steel chair but in the end, Hardy gains control of the weapon and finishes Orton off with a Swanton Bomb.

Maryse and The Miz have a few words for their opponents at Hell in a Cell. Tonight Maryse makes her return to in-ring action to face Brie Bella.

WWE Champion AJ Styles has a message for Samoa Joe, his opponent Sunday at Hell in a Cell. The House That AJ Styles Built is not for sale.

Charlotte Flair def. Sonya Deville: I really enjoyed watching this one. It wasn't the prettiest of matches but it was good enough. Charlotte gets the win with the Figure Eight but I hope they give more opportunities to Sonya, she can be a nice chip in the Women's Division.

As Charlotte was heading up the ramp she was attacked by Becky Lynch disguised as a fan in the crowd. Simple, but effective.

Samoa Joe has a rebuttal for AJ Styles in the form of a bedtime story.

Rusev Day def. The Bar to become the #1 Contenders for the SD Tag Team Championships: Another fun match. Rusev came in off a pretty good tag and was like a one-man wrecking crew. It's surprising to me that WWE hasn't had Rusev make the transition into a good guy with the way the crowd reacts to him. Sheamus was able to temporarily halt the offense of Rusev and he is looking to close things out with a Brogue Kick. Just before Sheamus is about to make contact with Rusev's face, Aiden English comes in and takes the bullet for his team. Sheamus turns right into a Machka Kick from Rusev and the win for his team. Rusev Day will face The New Day this Sunday at Hell in a Cell.

Andrade "Cien" Almas def. R-Truth: I can't believe I'm saying this but I need more R-Truth matches. Hell, I'd watch an Almas/R-Truth feud. While this match wasn't much to note it may be planting the seeds for a story to look forward to during the Mixed Match Challenge. I'm also enjoying the pairing of R-Truth and Carmella, they compliment each other well. Almas cheated to get the win by holding the tights on a roll-up.

Brie Bella vs. Maryse ends in a no contest: Maryse would constantly bail out of the ring when Brie was ready. Brie gets on the mic and calls Maryse a coward. The Miz says the crowd isn't worthy of a match so he and Maryse decide to leave. Before they can exit Brie chases down Maryse and drags her back into the ring. Brie slaps on the Yes Lock but before we get a submission, The Miz yanks Brie out of the ring sending her crashing to the mat with force. Seeing another man put their hands on his wife sends Daniel Bryan into a frenzy and he goes crazy on The Miz. Both men end up in the ring where The Miz sends Bryan flying out of the ring into Brie. While Daniel is concerned for Brie he is attacked by The Miz. Maryse works over Brie well and sends her back into the ring. Brie gets the upper hand and starts taking it to Maryse. By the time The Miz is able to break things up, Bryan is back in the ring attacking The Miz like a man possessed. The Miz is surrounded by Daniel and Brie. When he comes to he looks to duck a punch from Bryan and gets one from Brie instead. The Miz and Maryse are sent running with their tails between their legs as SmackDown goes off the air.

Unlike Raw yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of SmackDown and thought it did a great job of getting people excited for Hell in a Cell. What did you think? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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