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Monday, August 6, 2018

RAW Recap - 8/6/18; RAW Gets Rowdy!

Raw is live in Jacksonville and kicks off with GM Kurt Angle to discuss being attacked by WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

Before Angle can discuss the ramifications Lesnar would face for his attack Angle is interrupted by Roman Reigns. Angle and Reigns chastised Costable Baron Corbin for running away when Brock Lesnar got in his face. When Corbin tried to jaw jack back Angle made a match between Reigns and Corbin start that very instant.

Roman Reigns def Baron Corbin: This was a very enjoyable match with great performances from both men. This crowd was almost all pro-Roman which was great, yet strange. Maybe the fans are finally more upset not having a World Champion on Raw than they are having Roman as a Champion. Corbin tried checking out of the match early but Finn Balor but a stop to that. Roman came off the ring steps with a Superman Punch then rolled Corbin in the ring for a Spear and the win.

Kurt Angle told Seth Rollins if he could find a partner he could have a tag match against Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. Roman has already had a match so could we be seeing a certain Lunatic Fringe return to WWE?

Bobby Roode def Mojo Rawley: This one wasn't holding my attention at first but it leads to a pretty good match. If they give Mojo a little bit more ring time he could iron out his offense and actually be pretty good in the ring. Unfortunately, Mojo couldn't avoid Roode's Glorious DDT and takes the L on this one.

Elias is filming a new documentary because the WWE Network one just wasn't to his liking. While filming Elias decided to take a jab at Bobby Lashley which of course did not sit well with Bobby. He comes down to the ring and threatens Elias if he chooses to mention Bobby again. Elias plays it cool and decides its time for him and his crew to exit. Elias then takes a cheap shot at Lashley but his plan to beat down is shortlived as Bobby gets the last laugh. Bobby has the documentary crew film him giving Elias a vertical suplex.

Rezar def Titus O'Neil: Rezar dominated most of the match but Titus did have a short comeback. In the end, Rezar wins with a spinebuster.

Kevin Owens had a Kevin Owens Show segment with special guest Jinder Mahal. The segment didn't do much for me. For a man that's angry another man injured him to the point where he couldn't care for his children, someone who vows to take everything from the said man, this segment kind of came off as comedic. Braun was hiding under the stage then flipped it over from underneath before his match with Jinder.

Braun and Jiinder's match was a throwaway DQ, nothing special.

Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and forbid Roman Reigns from volunteering to be Seth partner so it looks like the tag match will be a handicap match.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre def Seth Rollins Pretty good Handicap Match with Seth really fighting hard from underneath but it had a very weird ending. Drew kicks out of a roll up at two then Dolph catches Seth with a Superkick and pins him for the win. Anticlimatic plus Drew was the legal competitor, not Dolph. Also no Dean.

B Team has some new entrance music and it is absolutely horrible!

B Team faced The Revival but about four minutes in the lights go out and when they come back on the Deletors of Worlds are at opposite corners with Axel and Wilder nowhere to be found. The Deletors beat the men in the ring.

Paul Heyman has a sit-down interview with Renee Young. Amazing acting from Heyman.

Riott Squad def Sasha Banks and Bayley: The was a perfect example of how to execute a good hot tag, in this situation to Sasha Banks. Each week Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan get better and better which is great to see. In the closing moments of the match, a mysterious hooded person pulled Morgan out of harm's way and lay out Bayley. Turns out the hooded person is the returning Ruby Riott. Sasha Banks takes her focus off of Sarah Logan who rolls her up and gets the win. Great stuff.

Ronda Rousey def Alicia Fox: This whole deal went about five minutes and it was pretty good. Alicia actually got some offense in but as Coach put it, this is the Rousey show. She whipped Alicia around like an actual ragdoll and the crowd is eating it up, they are loving it. Alexa tried interfering but Ronda was ready for it. Ronda locks on a half-hearted armbar right in front of Alexa for emphasis.

After the match, Alexa tried to sneak attack Rousey but again she was ready for it. Ronda vowed to take the Women's Championship from Alexa and the show closes.

Raw was pretty good this week. Although they did not get much time to work, Rousey's debut was pretty good. there still are a couple things you can nitpick but in reality, she's knocking everything out of the park. What did you think of Raw? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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