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Monday, June 4, 2018

RAW Quick Hits - 6/4/18; Are You Afraid of Heights?

Elias and Jinder Mahal def. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

We start tonight with a Tag Team match playa! I enjoyed this match. I'm enjoying the idea of using Mahal in bigger roles, WWE obviously saw something we didn't and it is working. I'm also enjoying the run Rollins is on and am very much looking forward to the Rollins/Elias match at Money in the Bank. It has an old school build up to it. A contender for a title comes out of nowhere, contender weakens champion who is on a crazy top of the line run, and contender looks like a real threat before the match. Smart move having Elias pin Rollins but the referee saw Elias use the chair for added impact so how come there was no disqualification?

If Curt Hawkins beat local Houston jobber James Harden (not the NBA star) then everyone would get free tacos. Spoiler alert: He lost via disqualification thanks to Baron Corbin who made sure no one got free tacos. Jerk.

Ronda Rousey was on commentary for this one and man was she weird. The injury, whether real or not, was really the only thing to care about.

Braun keeps doing cool things.

These guys are weird but funny. I really hope B Team wins and Bray acknowledges Bo as his real-life brother.

This Tag team Battle Royal to find the #1 contenders for the Tag Titles was kind of a big mess. I did not see Dolph and Drew being the first team eliminated. I did get my wish for a B Team victory when they eliminated Slater and Rhyno. I would prefer The Revival to be the last team eliminated and here's why. B Team seems destined for a face run and Revival would have been great opponents for B Team coming out of Money in the Bank. Obviously, this all could still happen but tonight seemed like a good time to plant seeds.

This whole Lashley/Zayn situation always leaves me scratching my head when their segments are over. The creative direction for this feud has been cringeworthy.

I was looking forward to Balor vs. Owens but the match was pretty basic and did not wow me but seeing as it is a TV match so close to a big PPV match it's understandable. The ending segment after the disqualification was great, however. I loved Owens' hesitation to strike from so far up the ladder while Balor just threw caution to the wind. I'm sure the landing really hurt Owens seeing as he wasn't placed in the best spot to receive the Coup de Grace from so high up. Raw ends with Balor sitting atop the ladder with the Money in the Bank briefcase held high.

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