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Monday, May 28, 2018

RAW Quick Hits - 5/28/18; Chair Shots, Food Fights, and Second Chances

Introducing a new style of WWE recaps here on TWC, Raw Quick Hits! A recap of all the important things that went down on WWE Raw. Quicker and easier to read. Tonight's Raw comes from The Coliseum from Richmond, VA.

Balor/Strowman II was great until Kevin Owens decided to be a jerk

Just when I started feeling a little bored with Balor here comes Braun to save the day and have two great matches with Balor. A little bugged that Owens interrupted the match causing a DQ but that is exactly what he's supposed to do. Also, Braun chucked a ladder halfway up the ramp like it was an Olympic sport which was pretty cool.

Elias hijacking the show passed a commercial break was hilarious.

Man, this was a pretty damn good match. Mahal did a great job working Rollins' ribs, using a weapon with a distracted referee, and using his lackey Sunil to get Rollins off his game. I'm sort of confused as to why they would have Rollins take a DQ here. I get the use of a chair but I would have had Rollins win and a frustrated Mahal and Sunil attack him with Rollins fighting them off with the chair. Gets the same point across and gives the fans a conclusion to a barn burner match. Rollins is on an absolute tear in terms of performance quality while Mahal is actually really coming into his own as a performer moving up the card.

The guitar shot from Elias was sick.

I honestly believe that if Rollins was not on his current white-hot run, more people would be talking about how good Kevin Owens has been especially post WrestleMania. His work is of a consistently high quality, tonight vs. Bobby Roode was no different.

What the hell are they doing with this guy?

What the hell are they doing with THIS guy? Looks like we're getting Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn at Money in the Bank.

You know what happens when WWE and food mix.

This one is worth checking out, if you're in a rush I recommend fast forwarding to Mickie James' entrance into the gauntlet. Ruby Riott continues to elevate her game in big moments. Pretty soon WWE is going to have to consider giving her a spot in the Women's main event picture.

That's it for Raw, lots of things shaping up for Money in the Bank. What did you think of the show? Comment below or reach out to us on Social Media:

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