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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Match of the Day - Biff Busick (NXT's Oney Lorcan) vs. Tim Thatcher (Beyond Wrestling)

Tim Thatcher scares the crap out of me.

Before going on to NXT and becoming Oney Lorcan, Biff Busick was known as the one of the hardest hitting, technically gifted performers on the Independent Wrestling scene. The great thing about Biff is that the only thing that changed when he went to NXT was his name.

As I stated above, Tim Thatcher scares me. Biff hits hard but Tim hits harder. Thatcher is a throwback wrestler in every sense of the word. His mind works in the ring at a feverish pace with the ability to break down his opponent to wrestle his match at the snap of a finger, no pun intended. Thatcher hits with the intent to hurt, to knock his opponent unconscious if need be. As much as the man scares me he is a joy to watch. Plus he doesn't own a TV or smartphone, how crazy is that?

I loved this match. About 75% of the contest is a battle to maintain control of the wrist of the other competitor. Insane. A match centered around working the wrists. You won't see dropkicks, flips, dives, or anything of the sort, just some good, very old-fashioned wrestling.

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