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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Drew McIntyre Suffers Injury at NXT TakeOver

According to the Wrestling Observer, McIntyre may have suffered a torn bicep near the conclusion of tonight's NXT Championship Match.

At the end of the match, McIntyre held onto the top rope with his left arm while being given a DDT off the top. McIntyre grabbed his bicep after and was receiving medical attention following the match.

That DDT was the finish to the match, which saw Almas win the NXT Championship from McIntyre.

In his post-show interview on Facebook Live, Triple H said that McIntyre might have torn his bicep, would be undergoing an MRI on Sunday to determine the extent of the injury, and could have surgery this week depending on the results of the MRI.

McIntyre also spoke about the injury in a promo after the show, saying it probably wasn't good but he wouldn't know anything official until talking to the doctor.
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