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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

RAW Recap - 9/11/17; Braun Dominates Again

John Cena and Braun Strowman collide for the first time all while Brock Lesnar is in the house.

The following recap was taken from and was written by Robert Lentini

RAW started off with a moment of silence for the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

Roman Reigns vs Jason Jordan

Reigns came down to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Jordan extended his hand before the match but Reigns wasn’t interested in shaking his hand. The ball rang and the two Superstars circled each other. Cena was shown backstage watching the match on a monitor.

Reigns and Jordan locked up in the ring. Jordan then went after Roman’s legs but Reigns got out of the way and laughed at Jordan. Jason locked his arms around Reigns’ midsection but Reigns broke free and delivered a couple of punches to Jordan’s face. Reigns bounced Jordan’s head off the turnbuckle and then brought him to the other side of the ring and slammed his face off the top rope again. Reigns connected with another right hand and then beat down Jordan in the corner.

Jordan battled out of the corner and connected with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Jordan bounced Roman’s head off the turnbuckle and then punched him in the chest. Jordan then brought Reigns to the other side of the ring and slammed his head off the top rope. Jordan launched Roman into the turnbuckle and charged at him, but Reigns exploded out of the corner and leveled Jordan with a Clothesline.

Reigns brought Jordan back to the corner and clubbed him across the chest 10 times. Reigns hit a big boot to Jordan’s face and Jason fell to the mat. Reigns geared up for the Superman Punch and went for it but Jordan countered it and applied a Crossface in the middle of the ring. Reigns quickly got to the bottom rope to break the hold and then rolled out of the ring as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Reigns was in control of the match in the ring. Jordan connected with a punch but Reigns head butted Jordan back down to the canvas. Roman slung Jordan into the turnbuckle and he once again crashed to the mat. Jordan slowly got back to his feet and Reigns quickly planted him with a Suplex for a two count.

Roman applied a Chin Lock in the middle of the ring. Jordan broke free but Reigns connected with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Reigns once again applied a Chin Lock. Jordan powered to his feet and slammed Reigns into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Jordan hit another Suplex that sent Roman flying across the ring.

Jordan shoved Reigns into the turnbuckle, bounced off the ropes and hit a Clothesline for a two count. Both Superstars traded punches in the ring. Jordan connected with a Dropkick but Reigns powered out at two. Jordan lifted Reigns onto his shoulders and drove Reigns into the turnbuckle. Reigns went for a Clothesline but Jordan ducked and hit a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count.

Jordan hit a Spear on Roman in the corner and then hit two Northern Lights Suplexes in a row for a two count. Jordan couldn’t believe that Reigns kicked out at two. Jordan locked in the Crossface once again and Reigns was able to grab the bottom rope to break the hold. Roman connected with a flurry of elbows that knocked Jordan to the mat. Jason quickly got up and sprinted at Reigns in the corner. Jordan went for a Spear but Reigns got out of the way and Jordan slammed into the ring post.

Jordan fell to the floor outside the ring and slowly made his way back to his feet. Reigns got out of the ring and hit the Drive By. Reigns then brought back into the ring and connected with a Superman Punch. Roman followed it up by hitting a Spear for the pinfall victory. After the match, Cena was shown backstage with a smirk on his face. Reigns shook Jordan’s hand after the match as Cena looked on from the back.

Cena was then approached for a backstage interview and was asked if he had anything to say about the match he just watched. Cena said that he did, but was going to go to the ring to say it Roman Reigns’ face.

Winner: Roman Reigns

John Cena made his way to the ring as Roman Reigns waited for him. Reigns stared at Cena as he grabbed two microphones and got into the ring. Cena tossed a microphone to Reigns. Cena stated that he was really excited about Reigns had to say. Cena brought up Reigns making fun of him for taking so long to beat Jason Jordan last week. Cena said that Reigns almost got beat by Jordan this week and said Reigns had some explaining to do.

Cena told Reigns to keep it to like one sentence and then say “believe that”. Roman stated that he was having a great match with Jordan and that is something that John never does. Reigns claimed that he has had more great matches in the past two years than Cena has had in his career. Cena stated that the fans cannot blame him for this one because Roman Reigns is burying himself.

Cena said that Reigns feels as if he has already made it and the second that someone feels that way, it is the beginning of the end. Cena said that Reigns is going to learn what real failure is all about. Cena stated that Reigns has failed every week and that is not something “The Guy” does. Cena said that if Reigns really is “The Guy” he will dust himself off and show him something at No Mercy.

Cena stated that No Mercy is going to be a cake walk and then went to exit the ring. Reigns told Cena to bring his “bitch ass” back into the ring. Reigns bragged about ticket sales and the revenue he brings in. Reigns claimed that WWE doesn’t need Cena anymore and that Cena needs WWE because he cannot break into Hollywood. Reigns said that he knows a guy (The Rock) if he needs help. John then got in Reigns’ face and said “at No Mercy, consider me like a drug test homes, you ain’t getting passed me”. Cena then exited the ring and went backstage.

Sasha Banks vs Emma

RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss joined commentary for this match. Emma controlled the match early and went for a roll-up but Banks kicked out. Emma went for a kick but Sasha was ready and connected with a kick of her own. Emma responded with a Clothesline and Nia Jax’s music hit. Nia came down to the entrance ramp and stared at Alexa Bliss. Nia approached Alexa Bliss as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Emma was in control of the match and Nia Jax joined Bliss on commentary. Nia said that she was just out here to watch her competition for the Fatal 4-Way match for the RAW Women’s Championship at No Mercy. Sasha went for a roll-up but Emma kicked out at two.

Bliss complained about not having to be pinned to lose her title at No Mercy. Nia said that she loved Alexa, but just doesn’t like her very much right now because she wants the RAW Women’s Championship. Emma beatdown Sasha in the corner and then hit a Splash onto her while Sasha’s head was against the bottom turnbuckle. Emma went for the pinfall but Sasha kicked out at two. Sasha then quickly locked in the Bank Statement for the submission victory.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar made his way down to the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman introduced himself as the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. Heyman said that his job this evening is to sell the fans on something that in his opinion has already been sold.

Heyman called Braun Strowman the “most worthy challenger” to the title in ages. Heyman stated that the odds are against Brock Lesnar. Heyman brought up Strowman slamming Lesnar through two announce tables at SummerSlam and then beating the hell out of Lesnar once again the following night on RAW.

Heyman said that Lesnar is facing an individual at No Mercy that his bigger and stronger than him in Braun Strowman. Heyman questioned whether Strowman is “badder” than Lesnar and said that Strowman is going to have to rip the Universal Championship away from Lesnar. Paul Heyman stated that Strowman reminds him of Lesnar back in 2002. Heyman questioned if Strowman was going to be able to “monster-handle” John Cena tonight in their match.

Paul Heyman also questioned if Strowman was ready to cross over from sports entertainment to Suplex City. Heyman said that when Lesnar in UFC they would ask him “fighter, are you ready?”. Heyman then dared Strowman to come down to the ring for a fight.

Braun’s music hit and Strowman stormed down the entrance ramp. Strowman got in the ring punched Lesnar in the face. Braun beatdown Lesnar in the corner and then lifted him onto his shoulders. Lesnar broke free and hit Braun with a German Suplex. Lesnar celebrated in the ring, but didn’t realize that Strowman got right back up. Strowman Chokeslammed Lesnar and then followed it up with a Running Powerslam. Strowman then raised the Universal Championship while placing his boot on Lesnar’s chest as Heyman was in shock beside the ring.

Goldust came down to the ring and Bray Wyatt appeared on the jumbotron. Bray Wyatt said that Goldust was afraid to take off his paint and reveal who he really is. Bray said that Goldust is just like Finn Balor and that Goldust’s paint was protection for him. Wyatt told Goldust to run and blew out his lantern. Wyatt then made his way to the ring.

Bray Wyatt vs Goldust

Goldust connected with a boot to the face and Bray rolled out of the ring. Goldust followed him out there and leveled him with a Clothesline. The action returned to the ring and Wyatt connected with a Clothesline of his own. Bray unloaded a flurry of right hands to Goldust’s face and went for a Senton but Goldust got out of the way.

Goldust knocked Bray out of the ring and then flipped on top of him off the ring apron. Goldust connected with a punches and then rolled Bray back into the ring. Goldust hopped up on the ring apron and Bray met him there and shoved him into the ring post. Bray then hit Goldust with the Sister Abigail for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Bray Wyatt wiped off Goldust’s paint with a towel while shouting “he is just a man like Finn Balor”. Finn then sprinted to the ring and Wyatt retreated.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Sheamus and Cesaro were interviewed backstage. Sheamus said that they see Gallows and Anderson as more of a threat than Ambrose and Rollins because they actually are a team. Cesaro stated that at their core, Ambrose and Rollins are selfish. Sheamus claimed that Ambrose and Rollins’ instincts will kick in at No Mercy and that they will throw each other to the wolves. Sheamus and Cesaro vowed to recapture the RAW Tag Team Championships at WWE No Mercy.

Ambrose and Rollins joined commentary for a match that was supposed to happen between Sheamus & Cesaro versus Gallows & Anderson. Sheamus and Cesaro got into a brawl before the mach with Ambrose and Rollins on the entrance ramp. Gallows and Anderson joined the fight on the entrance ramp. Security then came down and broke up the brawl and RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Ambrose and Rollins were backstage with RAW GM Kurt Angle. Ambrose and Rollins demanded a match against Sheamus, Cesaro, Anderson and Gallows tonight. Angle told Ambrose and Rollins to find two tag partners for an eight man tag match later tonight.

A vignette for Asuka was shown and she will be making her RAW debut soon.

Nia Jax was shown watching the vignette and then Alexa Bliss showed up. Alexa said that Asuka is another woman coming to RAW to try and steal their spotlight. Bliss stated that Kurt Angle doesn’t appreciate the fact that they are best friends. Nia said that they are not best friends. Alexa apologized for slapping her last week and asked if they can go back to being best friends. Nia said that she asked RAW GM Kurt Angle for a match against Alexa and that match will happen next week.

Elias vs Kalisto

Elias performed a song before the match, but was interrupted by Kalisto. Kalisto got in some offense early, but Elias quickly took control. Elias connected with a Powerbomb and then hit Drift Away for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Elias

John Cena vs Braun Strowman

Braun shoved Cena out of the ring to start off the match. Cena got back into the ring with a concerned look on his face. Cena tried to avoid Strowman for a minute but didn’t work out to well as he was Clotheslined to the canvas. Roman Reigns was shown backstage watching the match. Strowman connected with a Splash in the corner of the ring and followed it up with a headbutt that knocked Cena to the mat.

Strowman hit a massive Dropkick and then spent the next few minutes beating down Cena. Strowman connected with a Fallaway Slam and Cena rolled out of the ring as RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Strowman was still in control of the match. The action spilled outside the ring and Cena slammed Braun into the ring post.

Cena got back into the ring and Strowman joined him. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but failed to lift Braun up and Strowman fell on top of him for a two count. Braun charged at Cena in the corner but Cena moved and Strowman crashed into the ring post. Cena hit a Side Suplex and then went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Strowman sprung to his feet and hit a Spinebuster for a two count.

Cena was then able to connect with an Attitude Adjustment but Strowman rolled out of the ring after the move and Cena couldn’t go for the pinfall. Cena chased after Strowman outside the ring and Strowman bashed him in the face with the steel steps. Braun then slid the steps into the ring and brought Cena back into the squared circle. Strowman then hit a Running Powerslam to Cena on top of the steps and the referee called for the bell. Strowman then got on top of the steps and raised his hands.

After the match, Reigns was interviewed backstage. Reigns said that the monster didn’t show Cena any mercy and that he will not either.

Winner via DQ: John Cena

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were shown backstage looking for tag partners. They bumped into Dean Malenko and Jamie Noble but they were in suits and Ambrose said they weren’t ready to compete. They then ran into Matt and Jeff Hardy and asked if they were doing anything tonight. Matt and Jeff smiled and it seems like Ambrose and Rollins have found their tag partners for the main-event.

MizTV w/ Enzo Amore

The Miz said that he had a special announcement. Maryse announced that they were having a baby and the crowd cheered. Miz then pledged to be there for their child from day one, unlike RAW GM Kurt Angle. The Miz stated that he had prepared a speech and took out a piece of paper from his pocket. Enzo Amore quickly interrupted and started dancing on the entrance ramp.

Enzo said that he wanted to come down to the ring and celebrate with Miz and Maryse. The Miz immediately started scolding Amore and said that he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. The Miz said that is why Enzo was kicked out of WWE tour busses and kicked out of the WWE locker room. The Miz said that Enzo was in the Cruiserweight division because there was nowhere else for him to go and that the WWE locker room cannot stand him.

The Miz said that he was once like Enzo, but learned from his mistakes and earned the locker room’s respect. The Miz said that he sees so much talent in Enzo Amore, but sees him make mistake after mistake. The Miz said that he cannot hang with Neville because Neville spends his time improving his skills, rather than spending time with 3rd-rate rappers like Enzo.

The Miz then called Enzo a “con artist with a couple of catchphrases”. Enzo said that he was the realest guy in the room. Enzo said that he has nothing in common with The Miz. Enzo accused Miz of copying people like Jericho and Flair. Enzo said he was original and said that The Miz. Enzo vowed to become the Cruiserweight Champion at No Mercy and then called Miz a paper champion.

The Miz said that if Enzo was championship material, his best friend wouldn’t have abandoned him. Enzo challenged Miz to a fight and Miz said that Enzo has no idea what he is getting into. The Miz said that he was going to dedicate his victory to his unborn child. Enzo then said he will apologize to the baby when it is born and said that Daniel Bryan was right about The Miz. Enzo then called Miz “sawft”.

Enzo Amore vs The Miz

Enzo rolled out of the ring when the match started and grabbed the microphone. Enzo poked fun at The Miz’s wrestling and The Miz promptly leveled Enzo with a Clothesline outside the ring. The Miz grabbed the microphone and asked Enzo “how you doin?” before bouncing his head off the ring apron several times.

The Miz climbed up the turnbuckle with the microphone and went to say something but Enzo jumped at the top rope and Miz fell crotch-first on the top rope. Enzo then grabbed the turnbuckle and said that The Miz should be asking his baby “who’s your daddy?”. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel then beat the hell out of Enzo ringside and the ref called for the bell. Back in the ring, The Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Amore as the crowd chanted “who’s your daddy?”. The Miz and Maryse then celebrated in the ring as Enzo was lying on the mat.

Winner via DQ: Enzo Amore

Enzo was shown backstage in pain. Neville showed up beside him and started laughing at him. Neville then walked away.

Sheamus, Cesaro, Gallows & Anderson vs Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & The Hardy Boyz

A brawl broke out between the two teams before the match started. Jeff Hardy and Cesaro started off the match. Jeff hit an Atomic Drop and then hit a Leg Drop to Cesaro’s midsection. Matt was then tagged in and he continued the beatdown on Cesaro. Cesaro battled back and hit an uppercut and then tagged in Sheamus.

Matt Clotheslined Sheamus out of the ring and then threw Cesaro out of the ring. Jeff was tagged in and hit Poetry in Motion onto Sheamus and Cesaro outside the ring as RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Gallows and Ambrose were in the ring. Gallows sent Ambrose to the ring apron and booted him in the face. Ambrose fell to the floor as Gallows posed in the ring.

Gallows then brought Ambrose back in the ring and booted him in the face again for a two count. Sheamus and Cesaro took turns beating down Ambrose for a minute. Sheamus applied a Chin Lock but Ambrose quickly got out of it. Sheamus kneed Ambrose in the chest and tagged Gallows back in.

Gallows hit a Splash on Ambrose in the corner and tagged in Anderson. Anderson slammed Ambrose to the mat and applied a Chin Lock. Ambrose fought to his feet but was once again isolated in the corner. Sheamus and Cesaro hit a double headbutt and then Cesaro went for a pinfall but Ambrose kicked out at two.

Cesaro then got Ambrose in a Chin Lock in the middle of the ring. The crowd cheered Dean on as he battled to his feet. Ambrose and Cesaro traded punches but Cesaro got the upper-hand and tagged in Sheamus. Cesaro was then quickly tagged back in as Gallows and Anderson slammed Matt Hardy into the barricade surrounding the ring.

Anderson was tagged in and Ambrose planted him with a swinging Neckbreaker. Gallows was tagged in and prevented Ambrose from tagging out. Ambrose hit the Lunatic Lariat on Gallows. Sheamus tagged himself in and charged at Ambrose in the corner but missed and smashed into the ring post.

Cesaro tagged himself in and Dean launched him out of the ring. Anderson was then tagged in as Ambrose finally tagged in Rollins. Seth hit a Blockbuster on Anderson. Seth hit a Suicide Dive onto Gallows outside the ring and then hit Anderson with a Clothesline off the top rope in the ring. Jeff and Matt Hardy hit Gallows with a Twist of Fate in the ring.

Sheamus and Cesaro then left the ring and left Gallows and Anderson alone in the ring. Ambrose then hit Anderson with Dirty Deeds and Rollins pinned him for the victory.

Winners: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & The Hardy Boyz

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