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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

SmackDown Live Recap - 6/13/17; Next Stop Money in the Bank

The New Day starts SmackDown Live coming down to the ring with the Rebels Soul group who played a really cool rendition of their theme. The New Day promise to defeat The Usos at Money in the Bank. This leads to The Usos, Fashion Police, and the Colons to enter the ring to set up our next match.

The New Day and The Fashion Police vs. The Usos and The Colons

Fun match that saw New Day and Fashion Police really gel well together compared to their opponents. When we come back from commercial break The Usos and Colons are finally able to get the upper hand on offense. Tyler Breeze gets worked over pretty good setting up a great hot tag to Xavier Woods who comes in on fire. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Jimmy for a near fall who is then taken out by Breezango. Back in the ring, New Day hit a backbreaker double stomp combo to get the win for their team.

Sami Zayn meets up with his partners tonight AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura to talk strategy, and by strategy I mean Sami talking himself in circles.

Mojo Rawley is asked about his match last week against WWE Champion Jinder Mahal in which he suffered a defeat. A dejected Mojo is interrupted by his partner in the Hype Bros. Zack Ryder. It looks like Zack is cleared to return to the ring so perhaps the Hype Bros. can get back to business.

Naomi vs. Tamina

Before the bell, Lana comes out possibly to get a better look at her opponent Naomi for Money in the Bank. Tamina starts the match on offense dominating Naomi with power. Every attempt to from Naomi to take over the match gets snuffed out by Tamina who is the bigger of the of the two. Tamina heads to the top where Naomi is finally able to get her opening. She knocks Tamina off the top and hits a springboard split legged moonsault for the win. As Naomi is celebrating she is attacked by Lana who drops Naomi with a hammerlock sit out powerbomb.

We come back from break with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal coming down to the ring. Mahal calls his opponent Randy Orton a coward who he will defeat at Money in the Bank. Mahal says ever since he defeated Orton at Backlash Orton hides in the dark in fear like a scared defanged garden snake. He goes on to deliver a promo in Punjabi which gets drowned out in USA chants. Randy Orton's music hits and Jinder sends the Singh Brothers out to hold defense. Suddenly Randy enters the ring through the crowd and delivers a wicked RKO to Jinder, you guessed it, out of nowhere. Orton escapes back into the crowd while the Singh brothers are left to wake up the champ.

US Champ Kevin Owens meets his partners in the locker room with a strategy of his own. Owens, Ziggler, and Baron Corbin can work together and beat down Styles, Zayn, and Nakamura, essentially making Sunday's Ladder Match a three-way, or they can take each other out and go into the match in worse shape. Smart thinking from KO.

Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya

The match starts off with a fantastic display of chain wrestling which ends with Natalya grounding Flair and taking control of the match. Back from break with Charlotte in a surfboard submission from Natalya. Flair gets an opening and goes to work on Natalya. Charlotte hits that picture perfect moonsault for a two count. Charlotte attempts a second moonsault but Natalya stops her and turns it into a sit out powerbomb. Both women trade near falls and we are practically at a stand still. Charlotte takes out the knee of Natalya and hits her with Natural Selection for the win. Very entertaining match.

Main Event: Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, and Shinsuke Nakamura

The match starts off with Nakamura and Ziggler. Nakamura was in control until Ziggler catches Nakamura with an uppercut and a dropkick. Frequent tags from Corbin, Owens, and Ziggler, they are working well together. Shinsuke is getting worked over good till he is able to get the tag to Styles who comes in on fire. Styles hits Ziggler with the Ushigoroshi for a two count. Things break down with Zayn hitting the outside with a tope. Back in the ring Corbin hits Zayn with Deep Six for a two count. Back from commercial break with Zayn and Ziggler duking it out. KO and Company continue to work well with frequent tags. Zayn needs out desperately but it is not happening soon. Amazing way to cut Sami completely away from his team because he is so good at playing the man down. This is an amazing hot tag set up. Zayn is somehow able to clear the ring AND STILL not be able to get a tag because his partners are pulled off the apron. Styles gets on the apron and catches Corbin with a forearm sending him into the corner. Zayn comes racing in with a Helluva Kick sending Corbin falling to the map and Zayn on top. By God Sami gets the three count and the win without ever getting that tag. Incredible.

No one can celebrate because Ziggler comes in and attacks Zayn. Ziggler and Owens clear the ring and begin to argue over who is going to get the briefcase this Sunday at Money in the Bank. Corbin comes in the ring and pushes Owens into Corbin. Nakamura comes in and is able to hit Corbin with a Kinsasha, a receipt for last week. Shinsuke climbs a ladder and retrieves the briefcase symbolizing him winning the match Sunday. This is a great way to get people excited for Money in the Bank this Sunday.

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