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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

RAW Recap - 5/15/17; Who is coming for Brock?

Raw kicks off with GM Kurt Angle. The GM and 2017 Hall of Famer has a few announcements to make tonight. First, Braun Strowman will be out of action for at least six months due to that vicious attack from Roman Reigns last week. Second, to determine the number one contender for the Universal Championship there will be a Fatal Five Way match at Extreme Rules. The five competitors will be Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt, and Roman Reigns. As Angle was making his way out of the ring he is interrupted by Roman Reigns who isn't happy about the Fatal Five Way announcement. Pretty soon all five competitors are ringside and a brawl ensues. When it's all said and done Finn Balor is the last man standing. Could he be next to face the Beast?

Back from break and the GM has two really good matches for us. Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns vs. Finn Balor!

Jeff Hardy (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Sheamus (w/ Cesaro)

Jeff starts the offense hot against Sheamus. Jeff has Sheamus reeling until he attempted a springboard cross body to the outside. Sheamus catches him and throws Hardy into the barricade. We go to break. Back from break with Sheamus controlling the offense. Jeff mounts a comeback and takes control until Sheamus drops Jeff with a vicious bicycle knee strike. It's not enough to get you the win as both men battle back and forth. Cesaro gets on the apron to distract Jeff but gets dropped by Matt on the outside. Matt gets on the apron and gets hit twice because of a botched Brogue Kick. Sheamus turns right into Jeff who hits him with a Twist of Fate. Jeff goes to the top and hits a Swanton Bomb for the win.

Really fun match. Hardys may be a nostalgia act on borrowed time but they do seem rejuvenated.

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox

This was a highly competitive match between both women. Alicia showed great work outside of just that picture perfect Northern Lights Suplex. Good to see Sasha working outside of the convoluted main Women's Division picture.

Here's part of the hilarious segment with Titus, Apollo Crews, Enzo, and Big Cass. Of course "super serious no fun in wrestling" fans probably hated it but they hate laughing so who cares.

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz - Intercontinental Championship

The match began with back and forth offense from both men. During the break Miz took over on offense throwing Ambrose into the barricade to halt his momentum. Dean makes a comeback when Miz took too long mocking Daniel Bryan. From here both men traded comebacks and near falls. At one point Ambrose kicked out of the Skull Crushing Finale. Ambrose goes to dive to the outside but Miz hides behind his wife Maryse. Once she got out of the way Ambrose hits Miz with a diving elbow. Both men enter the ring with Maryse distracting the referee. Miz tries to hit a low blow on Ambrose but Dean wisely blocks the shot. Ambrose stares Miz dead in his eyes and kicks a field goal between his legs. Only problem is the deed (no pun intended) was in front of the official. This match ends via disqualification.

Alexa Bliss is in the ring coming back from break to trash Newark, New Jersey. She declares herself the Goddess of the WWE. She is interrupted by Bayley who demands her rematch for the Raw Women's Championship. Alexa begins patronizing Bayley until Bayley shoves Alexa. Both women come to blows until Alexa can get her hands on a kendo stick from under the ring. She whacks Bayley good.

The Miz is in Kurt Angle's office demanding a rematch against Dean Ambrose. Kurt Angle grants his request but that's not good enough for Miz. So Kurt makes the match at Extreme Rules where the title can change hands on a disqualification.

Neville and TJP vs. Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries

Angle checks up on Bayley in the trainers room. She obviously wants revenge on Alexa so Angle makes the match for Extreme Rules. A "Kendo Stick on a Pole" match. Okay.

Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns

The match starts off with Roman showing off his power. Finn fights back aggressively but this just seems to anger Roman. Balor's momentum gets sniffed out thanks to a Samoan Drop from Reigns. Balor is finally able to get some space and get some shots in but again this just pisses Roman off. Reigns runs in but Balor ducks sending Reigns crashing into the post. Balor PK kicks Roman on the outside before we go to commercial break. Back from break and both men are going back and forth. Roman gets the upper hand using his strength against Balor's agility. Roman breaks out the Drive By dropkick with extra emphasis sending Balor's back smacking against the post. Roman keeps hitting Balor with heavy shots but he will not stay down. Balor blocks a Superman Punch by kicking Roman right in his bad ribs. Balor caps it off with a devistating double stomp to Roman's chest. Balor attempts a shotgun dropkick but Roman stops him with a Superman Punch. Balor kicks out at two! Roman goes for the Spear but Finn kicks him. Slingblade! Shotgun dropkick! Balor heads to the top for Coupe de Grace but Roman stops him! Balor goes crumbling down then gets hit with a Spear! 1..2..3. Roman wins a great match.

Bray Wyatt cuts a pretty good promo before his match against Seth Rollins. Something about grabbing the Spear of destiny and putting it in the heart of the Beast. It sounds better coming from Bray I'm sure.

The Golden Truth were supposed to take on Gallows and Anderson but during the Golden Truth's intro Goldust attacks R-Truth. Goldust gives Truth a savage beating. WHY GOLDUST WHY?!

Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

Being that this was a first time match I took the time to watch rather than recap it move for move. I loved how physical this match was.

Overall I thought this was a pretty good Raw. Lots of great matches you should check out on your DVR if you couldn't watch live. Fox and Banks had a surprisingly good Women's match, Finn and Roman tore down the house, the Titus segment was hilarious, and Seth vs. Bray was a great way to cap off the night. Extreme Rules may have some promise.

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