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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Match of the Day - Yokozuna Kills Hacksaw And People Are Pissed!

After receiving backlash from the Asian-American community, this angle had to be edited out from future telecasts!

Like most people these days to pass the time at work I usually pop in my headphones and listen to some wrestling podcasts. One of my favorite shows to listen to these days is "Something to Wrestle" with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson. Prichard is a former producer for the WWE and on-air character Brother Love. Conrad picks an event from wrestling history that went down during Prichard's 30+ year career in the business and we get all the stories and facts from the man himself. It is truly a fascinating show that let's you see how complex professional wrestling is. Their most recent episode (#39) takes you behind the scenes of WrestleMania XI. Complete run down of the card and buildup, Jim Ross' debut, and so much more.

One of the most interesting topics discussed was the buildup to Yokozuna being in the main event, winning, and then losing the WWE Championship. Yokozuna was built up as an unstoppable Sumo monster and rightfully so as he tipped the scales way over six hundred pounds. He would regularly participate in matches that would end up being a squash yet on this day on Superstars Yokozuna faced "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Mr. Fuji, Yokozuna's manager, loved to tout his beast as a man so dominant he has yet to be taken off his feet during a match. Duggan was determined to be the first to man to knock the monster down.

Prichard would go on to say this match would be edited out of future broadcasts and would be replaced with the "Loser Leaves WWE" match between Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair. The network heads not only deemed it too graphic, as Duggan bled out of the mouth after receiving four Bonzai Drops, but WWE faced a huge backlash from the Association of Asian Pacific American Artists for "perpetuating Asian stereotypes" and portraying Japanese people as anti-American. Hard to not see where they are coming from with McMahon making this out to be a fight between USA and Japan. Duggan bleeding from the mouth added shock value because WWE and USA Network was very much against blood on TV.

There is so much more to this match besides why it was edited off TV but one can only see it after watching the match. The whole idea is Yokozuna has never been taken off his feet and Duggan might be the man with the best game plan to make that happen. First few tries are unsuccessful for Duggan and make Yokozuna look even more monstrous. Suddenly Duggan begins to persevere and not lose sight at the task at hand. By this time the crowd is going crazy getting louder with each tackle blow from Duggan. On the final blow just when it looks like the giant would not fall he goes crashing down and I swear the roof came off the building. All that emotion, all the hype, just to see and man get knocked down. Only in wrestling folks. Oh not to mention the irony of Yokozuna being Samoan and not Japanese.

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