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Sunday, January 15, 2017

205 Live Recap - 1/10/17

Tonight there is a ton of action in store for the Cruiserweights. Cedric Alexander collide as well as Rich Swann and Tony Nese plus more!

Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander

Phenomenal match from these two. Cedric starts off hot controlling the offense with aggression after weeks of torment from Dar. I especially loved the little anecdote we got from commentary who believed Cedric was specifically targeting the face of Dar so he couldn't do anymore kissing with the ladies. Dar gets on offense and does a beautiful job zeroing in on the wrist of Cedric and working it over real good. Action spills to the outside where Dar looked to smash the wrist of Alexander between the steps and the ring post but Alicia intervenes to stop any damage. Closing seconds of the match saw Alexander attempt a moonsault but he missed because Alicia pulled Dar out of the way! What in the hell? Alicia has this confused look on her face as though she doesn't understand why she would do that. Dar catches Cedric with a running Step-up Enziguiri for the win. After the win Dar tries to get another smooch from Alicia but ends up getting another smack to the face. I somehow think Dar is into that sort of stuff. Cedric storms off leaving Alicia in his dust. I'm digging this rivalry. Dar is like a creepy Rick Rude without the physique or airbrushed tights. And if you don't like the whole ALICIA FAAAAAAAAAAAAAUX thing Dar does then you are lying to yourself.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Sean Maluta

Before the match Kendrick gets on the mic with a beef against Tajiri, someone who he thought was a friend. Instead Tajiri is a "sneaky snake sneaky sneak" for misting Kendrick in his eye. Kendrick tells his opponent Sean Maluta that if he couldn't last in the ring with Tajiri last week, good luck lasting longer than thirty seconds with Brian Kendrick. Maluta did last longer than thirty seconds in the match and was actually very impressive. He is what old timers would call a good hand, someone who has good fundamentals in the ring that can make established stars look even better. Kendrick gets the win with his Captain's Hook submission.

In the locker room Alicia Fox is pleading her case to her boyfriend Cedric Alexander. He isn't too happy with Alicia costing him another match with this one being blatantly done on purpose. He dumps Alicia! She goes from begging to absolutely losing her marbles! What a performance from Alicia.

Tonight is the parlay between "The Gentleman" Jack Gallagher and his nemesis Ariyah Daivari. Now I was under the impression a parlay was like a coming to terms agreement to squash any beef between two parties and to a certain extent that's what it is. However the terms of this parlay involve an "I Forfeit" Match. Basically an I Quit Match between Gallagher and Daivari and this shall be the end of their quarrel. Daivari has no issue with signing the contract and making the match happen. Gallagher extends his handshake for a gentlemanly handshake but Daivari takes Jack's precious umbrella William and tosses it aside. Gallagher hopes the Queen isn't watching 205 Live tonight and the two men begin to brawl. Referees had to come down to the ring to separate the two men. Another well thought out, creative feud.

Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese

Very enjoyable match. It had a mixture of different elements and I feel like both men were able to elevate themselves as competitors. It started off quick with both men matching each other in speed and leaping ability. Then Nese breaks it down slow taking Swann down to the mat. Swann makes a comeback with both men going back and forth with heavy strikes. Swann looked for the opening to pop off that Spinning Back Kick, a move that visually gives you the feeling it stuns its opponent upon impact. Swann gets the win and plays to the story that we needed to see a bit more aggression from Swann with Neville hot on his heels.

After the victory Swann puts Neville on notice. Neville make think he is the "King of the Cruiserweights" but Rich Swann is the holder of the Cruiserweight Championship. Neville comes down to lay down a challenge for Swann. A shot at the Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. My god, how good has Neville been since joining the dark side and growing this massive chip on his shoulder? The show closes with Swann holding up his Cruiserweight Championship.

I thoroughly enjoyed this edition of 205 Live. Seems like fans are starting to hop on the boat now that we have some story progression going on. It's all very simple but not dumbed down and easy to digest. Good stuff.

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