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Thursday, September 8, 2016

NXT Recap - 9/7/16

Hey Guys and Gals welcome to my weekly NXT TV recap, this isn't your normal play by play analysis, here I will give you YouTube highlights along with my analysis and opinion.

 Written by: Carl Bennett

The opening video played which if I'm not mistaken had new montage of superstars, the new era for NXT is definitely a go. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves checked in on commentary and announced Shinsuke Nakamura taking on Steve Cutler is our main event and we will also hear from Asuka later on too.

First match of the show was TM61 VS. Tony Nese and Arya Daivari. TM61 were out first and good god will someone get them ring jackets, I know its a little superficial thing but its that little detail that gives the superstar impression. Nese and Daivari are out next coming out to the CWC text on the Tron.

No YouTube highlights for this match for whatever reason, good match overall with both teams looking good. TM61 getting the win with Thunder Valley in a quite even match with keeping good pace and not slowing down. The CWC pairing looked good and I think could play a roll in NXT or the Cruiserweight Division on Raw (and Smackdown if you believe the rumours). Tony Nese for me is the stand out of the pairing with his power moves standing out from the typical Cruiserweight style.
I think TM61 are lacking just a little something (ring jackets) for them to be looked at as a serious contender for the tag titles. I think they will be kept hot winning random matches whilst the tag belts could switch a few times ending up with The Authors of Pain and TM61 reigniting their feud from a few weeks back.
Next up the commentators set up Asuka's interview which Phillips noted he conducted earlier that day.

Not that much to this really just Asuka's English is improving greatly and I like her speaking directly to the fans in Japan which I'm guessing we won't see that if she makes it to the main roster other than if she is turned in to the xenophobic heel. I can only see Ember Moon as as credible contender for Asuka but I would rather they built to that match and keep them apart for a little while. They have great depth to pick from with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay being two who could be built up within a few weeks to face Asuka at the next Takeover special in November. I think it may too early for Liv Morgan to be pushed up the card as she has mostly been used as cannon fodder for the majority of her tenure. She needs a few more TV wins and for the viewer to be taken on a journey with her.

A backstage interview with Steve Cutler was next, Cutler would dispute Nakamura's accomplishments stating there was no sacrifice or honour in what Shinsuke has done whilst he has sacrificed four years of his life to get to NXT. He would go on to say he doesn't care if you like him but you will respect him. So so interview with Cutler getting his personality out, he seemed at ease on the mic and if he continues to get TV time and a few wins he could be right in the mix.

Leah Von made her entrance for her match with Ember Moon who was out next glowing red eyes and all. The Full Sail crowd were very receptive of Ember on her entrance and she has a presence on TV that stands out and looks like a star from the off.

No YouTube highlights for this match either (seriously WWE you're killing my gimmick). Pretty basic squash for Ember getting her spots, the handspring splash/clothesline into the corner looks awesome and the O Face twisting stunner is spectacular. Moon is definitely the next big thing in women's division in all of WWE and can see her stint in NXT being a short one, my only worry is she is pushed to the title picture far too quickly and we end up seeing Asuka taking on Moon in November.

In a backstage segment a trainer was working on Tomasso Ciampa who was nursing his injuries which he suffered by The Revival last week. Johnny Gargano stepped in to the picture and said he had just spoke to William Regal and they have a tag match on next week's CWC live finale if Ciampa is cleared. The trainer said Ciampa should be good to go in a few days, they didn't say who the opponents for Gargano and Ciampa would be but I'm sure they will be given time to tear the house down with the Revival probably getting involved in some fashion.

Andrade 'Cien' Almas was out next to the sound of crickets, I feel for him as he is spectacular in the ring and hasn't done anything wrong. The issue is he hasn't been given a chance to connect with the crowd and get his personality out and he has been saddled with truly awful ring attire. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be shot with shit! Austin Aries made his entrance and the fans seemed to be in to him but he is definitely the kind of heel you love to hate.

Aries picks up another win and you have to believe that he will be in line for a title match soon. Almas loses again, creative needs to change course on the Almas character or he will be in serious trouble. Putting a mask back on him even if its just in a Finn Balor Demon type way where he rationalizes the mask as giving him his edge back. A decent TV match with Aries heeling it up throughout the match.

A vignette for Sanity aired, I'm guessing this is for Eric Young maybe with a faction (Sanity being the faction name).

Samoa Joe joined the Commentary table being very humble and saying he wants to get a closer look at Shinsuke. Steve Cutler made his entrance followed by Shinsuke Nakamura's amazing entrance, seriously how cool will this entrance be at WrestleMania?

Pretty much a showcase for Nakamura, Cutler didn't get much offense in but he was in there against Shinsuke. Joe was noting on commentary that he is still having issues with his jaw, that could easily be a swerve but it could also be an out to change course for the next Takeover main event. (Bobby Roode or Eric Young in their home country?)

A good show overall this week, no botches like last week and a massive amount of star power for one show. I'm interested in where things go in the Women's title picture and what happens with Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura and how that plays out over the next few weeks leading in to Takeover on Survivor Series weekend in November.

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