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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Raw Aftershock - Playing the Game

Greetings Guys and Girls and welcome to my inaugural Raw Recap! Each week I will run through Monday Night Raw giving you my digested opinion on the show with some YouTube highlights sprinkled in to complement the package.
Written by: Carl Bennett

The show kicked off a graphic acknowledging the death of Harry 'Mr Fuji' Fujiwara. A video package would be up next highlighting Finn Balor winning and then relinquishing the Universal title. 

Live in the arena Pyro shot off on the awesome looking new stage and Michael Cole welcomed us to the show. Corey Graves was standing in the ring with all four competitors of the Universal Title Four Way main event.

Overall a decent opening segment with Owens coming out of it looking like a star. Big Cass didn't have great material to work with but the fans were in to him. Oh and am I the only one surprised to hear a dick joke aimed at the Seth and his leaked photos!? Roman not speaking was probably smart, Houston is not part of the Roman Empire!

Next up Chris Jericho was camping it up on his way around backstage, seriously Jericho is killing it with his new persona! After the break Neville made his entrance and then Tom Phillips caught up with Jericho at what looked like the Gorilla position, Phillips asked what Jericho's reasoning was for interfering in Neville's match with Kevin Owens last week. He responded that he always has Owens back and Owens has his back and will become Universal champion tonight. Jericho would then say he hit Neville with a Code Breaker and then asked Phillips what else he will get, Phillips responded 'It?' Jericho said 'no that would be stupid' and he would give everyone the gift of Jericho, man!

First Match of the Night

it was cool to see an old school Lion-tamer from Jericho. I thought more would be made of the fact that it was Jericho who Neville was facing when he snapped his ankle back in March. Makes sense for Jericho to get the win as I can see him being added to the Universal title picture in the coming months.

Bayley walking the backstage area like a kid on her first day at school was next:

I really liked this segment, Bayley seemed in awe of the New Day and having her team with The New Day is a really good way to introduce her to non NXT watching fans.

Squash match next, Nia Jaxx will be taking on Hyan who is an independent wrestler from Houston and works under the name Hyaneyoung Olvera for Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion.

Not much to say on this other than Nia's finisher looked a little sloppy but its still better than the crappy leg drop she was using.

Anderson and Gallows were up next for a skit:

I really want to see Anderson and Gallows just be the dominant ass kickers that we all know they can be, they are both highly entertaining and doing their segments well it just seems a wasted opportunity and it could cause the casual audience see them as nothing more than a comedy act and not take them seriously.

Jinder Mahal was in the ring ready for his match with Sami Zayn:

Sami sold the injury to his ankle that was from his match with Seth Rollins last week throughout the match. Basically this was a squash match for Sami to build him up a little.

A highlight from the pre show aired with Sasha Banks giving an update on her injuries:

I hope Sasha doesn't rush coming back, she needs time to heal up and maybe re-evaluate her ring style to prolong her career.

New Day made their entrance and waited mid ramp for Bayley to make her entrance, they gave her a dildo Unicorn headband to wear as they entered the ring together. Gallows and Anderson made their entrance with Dana Brooke still wearing the nurses uniform from earlier.

I like what WWE is doing with Bayley so far, I wish she wasn't being thrust in to the title picture so early but I guess the injury to Sasha expedited that. Dana with Gallows and Anderson works for me, she doesn't add anything to Charlotte's act and vice versa being associated with Gallows and Anderson could give her an added purpose on the card and not just the fall girl for Charlotte.

The best of seven series between Sheamus and Cesaro was next:

The post spot on Cesaro looked sick, I'm guessing we will see Cesaro lose the next match and then fire up and win the next 4. In an ideal world this would lead to Cesaro being pushed up to the main event but in an ideal world Cesaro isn't Swiss.

A classy tribute video for Mr Fuji played next:

WWE always does excellent work with these tribute videos, its a love/hate relationship seeing them.

Squash Match #2 incoming:

What can I say, standard squash for Braun, I like squash matches returning but I'm worried the the mirror image production of Nia and Braun will become stale very quick.

Cruiserweights incoming:

Showcasing Tommaso Ciampa, Cedric Alexander, and Johnny Gargano is a great move. I hope Ciampa and Gargano are also used in the tag division and the inevitable break up is played out on the main roster. I think Alexander could be the breakout star of the Cruiserweight division if given the opportunity.

Stephanie is walking backstage giving friendly smiles to all of the peons, live emasculation next!

Good mic as was to be expected and Heyman counting $500 was great I just don't know what this segment achieved. Stephanie isn't happy that Brock attacked Shane but only fines him $500, Heyman was made to suck up to Stephanie but it still seems he and Brock got away with the deed. I suppose we will just have to wait and see how this plays out as I worry they are still trying to work it out themselves.

Titus O'Neil taking on Darren Young for your sins.

Good lord this was boring. I would be surprised if Young and O'Neil's nearest and dearest even cared about this!

In the back Mick Foley was talking to Stephanie telling her he should have been with her in her confrontation with Heyman, Stephanie said she can handle herself. Foley said he wants to ban all friends and tag partners from ringside to which Stephanie agreed. Seth Rollins entered the picture reminding Steph of their previous celebrations and promised he will bring the title home and show why he was the number one draft pick. WWE telegraphing Seth not winning there!

And now for your main event:


Great match with the right outcome, Owens getting a tainted victory suits his character and I'm intrigued to see where they go forward with him, HHH, Stephanie and Foley. I think Foley will be emasculated, Slapped and pedigree'd as soon as next week, his return always seemed a promotional tool for Holey Foley on the network. This outcome opens a few main events for the Raw monthly specials, Owens taking on Rollins, Reigns, Cesaro, Jericho if they choose not to have each others back anymore, hell they could even go to HHH at WrestleMania!

Overall not much memorable until the main event other than Bayley and New Day teaming. WWE will normally do this if they have something big planned for the main event, keep the show at the steady pace so as to not burn the crowd out leaving them to go wild at the end of the show.

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