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Friday, March 11, 2016

SmackDown Recap - 3/10/16

Angie Delgado gives us a recap of the 3/10/16 episode of WWE SmackDown.

Smackdown opens up with MizTV with his guests being Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, making his Smackdown debut. Miz has Sami Zayn introduce himself to the crowd but in true Miz fashion, he keeps interrupting. Miz calls out Kevin Owens to join in on the MizTv fun. Owens comes out and claims he's the victim in this long feud. Sami says that here's here for the long haul and he's out to get Kevin Owen's IC Title. Out comes Neville because he to has unfinished business against Owens. And he's also looking to be IC Champ. Miz gets mad. Says that this his show and that he's a five time IC Champ and that he was main eventing Wrestlemania while they were main eventing bingo halls. Man, Miz and Baron Corbin should go out for beers and bash Indie guys. Miz attacks Zayn and that set's up a tag match, of course.

Neville and Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens and The Miz

Fun opening match. Kevin Owens didn't want any part of Sami Zayn the entire match. Zayn and Neville make a great team and Neville's corkscrew off Zayn's back was amazing. Kevin Owens eventually bails on the match leaving The Miz alone. Sami hits the exploder suplex and the Helluva Kick for the win. So what is the set up for Mania? It looks like it's setting up to be a ladder match with at least six superstars like last year which doesn't make sense. Have a one on one match or add Neville and make it a triple threat. Couple more weeks til Mania. We'll see what happens.

Brie Bella defeated Summer Rae

A Raw repeat with different results. Lana is sitting ringside. After the match ended, Brie led a sad looking Yes Chant. Lana attacks and does the Brie Buster again on Brie. This is the weirdest build up because what exactly is Lana's deal? If this is setting up to be a Wrestlemania match, one, it's cool that we're getting two Diva's matches on the card, and two, how did Lana get this gig?

Chris Jericho cuts him best heel promo in about nine years...Just without the business suits

It'll be interesting to see if they'll let AJ Styles respond to this. Though Smackdown would be a perfect spot for a response, We'll likely see him on Raw. Set the table for their final showdown at Wrestlemania.

The League of Nations (Sheamus and King Barrett) defeated The Lucha Dragons

WADE BARRETT GOT THE PIN AND DIDN'T GET PINNED FOR A CHANGE! Anyway, next step for the League Of Nations is a Tag Team Title match against The New Day.

Ryback cuts another promo that doesn't make sense. We get it, you're the big guy and you like fighting other big guys and not little guys. This is all just setting up for a match we all didn't ask for. A US Title match against Kalisto.

Main Event: Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and The Usos defeated The Wyatts

Rinse and repeat for The Wyatts. After looking dominate at Raw, they lose tonight. Like most of the Smackdown main events, it was a fun multi-man tag match. Dean was loony and Dolph and The Usos did about 100 Super Kicks. We know what's next for Dean as he's gearing up for his championship match at Roadblock. What about Dolph? Maybe being plugged in the IC Title picture. And The Usos? The Dudleyz have been MIA so when they reappear, they'll continue their rivalry. And The Wyatts will continue to be mysterious until they lose another big match. Although that Bray stare down with Triple H was sweet. Let's see where that goes in the future.

And that's Smackdown! Did you enjoy? What are you looking forward most at the Roadblock Special on the WWE Network? Comment or follow me and The Wrestling Chronicle on Twitter.

See ya next week!

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