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Thursday, February 25, 2016

SmackDown Recap - 2/25/16

Good Evening, Wrestling Chronicle readers! Angie here with this week's Smackdown recap. We're coming off a monumental RAW seeing the great Shane McMahon make his triumphant return just in time for Wrestlemania season. We're 37 days away from the big show and things are shaping up nice. RAW closed with Triple H giving a bloody beat down to Roman Reigns. What does Triple H have to say about it? Well, that's why I'm here.

Triple H makes his way to the ring to open up the show. He's in full COO mode and not wearing leather jacket like last week. The crowd is giving him a standing O but do to some sweet editing, all you hear are fake boos. Triple H is going on about how he humbled Reigns. There's no doubt Triple H is great on the mic, but to me, it felt forced. I did however love that Triple H kept his hand wraps covered in Roman's blood. It's going be a long six weeks from here to Mania to try to get Reigns on the Universe's side.

The League of Nations defeated Dolph Ziggler, Neville, and The Lucha Dragons

Exciting match thanks to the quickness of Neville and Kalisto. Great to see Wade Barrett back in action, also. My question is are the LoN still The Authority's lackies? What's next for Ziggler? All I kept thinking about this entire match is how awesome a match between Kalisto and Neville would be for the United States title at Wrestlemania.

D'Von Dudley defeated Jimmy Uso

Before the match, Bubba gets on the mic to remind us again that they're not a nostalgia act. Match opens with Jimmy hitting a ridiculous amount of superkicks. Bubba digs under the ring for a table. As Jimmy goes up top, Bubba shakes the ring and D'Von gets the roll up victory in a quick match. I don't know what this is setting up to be. Maybe a last table match at Mania? Table Matches are played out and with this anti-nostalgic attitude by the Dudleyz, let's see how they're booked in the next few weeks.

A look back at Shane O' Mac's return to WWE

It's still surreal that he's back. This is exactly what the WWE needed for Mania season. It was all fun until Vince put him in at match against The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell....considering the ages between the two, it's hard to see how this match will play out. Will Shane get someone to fight for him or will The Undertaker show up Monday and tombstone Vince and decline that match?

Kevin Owens defeated The Big Show via count out

How awesome it would've been if KO pulled of a pop up powerbomb on the Big Show? KO went for his fisherman suplex off the top rope but failed. He knocks Show between the ropes for a count out victory. I don't know how many of you watched the Stone Cold Podcast with Big Show but I recommend it. We've all been critical of The Big Show but we forget how much he gave to this company so maybe layoff the "please retire" chants and tweets.

Becky Lynch vs Natalya

The match ends before it starts. Team BAD interferes and attacks Natalya and Becky. Out came Sasha to clean house. Charlotte shows up and announces the match between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks will take place at RAW. Winner goes to Wrestlemania to face Charlotte. This match has to go at least 15-20 minutes. Make them important. I still think it would end up a triple threat match. A one on one match would be just as good though.

R-Truth defeated Heath Slater

Goldust comes to the ring to aide his buddy Truth, but he wasn't having it considering their wacky journey the past few weeks. Also noticed the crowd chanting "Golden Truth!" is it possible that theses guys are more over than Roman Reigns? That can't be good. Goldy gives Truth the assist and gets the backslide pin victory.

AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, and Mark Henry defeat The New Day

A typical Smackdown main event the popular six man tag match, playah!. Highly entertaining match. It had everything, including some sick dance moves. Though I do love, Y2J and AJ Styles, "Y2AJ" doesn't stick around for too long. Another thing I take out of this match is how incredibly under used Xavier Woods is. On the mic, he's great but he needs to be in more matches. I do believe he's the first superstar to successfully take AJ's inverted DDT. Jericho moves AJ out the way and takes a Trouble in Paradise. Styles connects with the calf crusher for the submission victory.

That's Smackdown! It continues to be an action packed show. Did you enjoy? Comment below or follow me on Twitter!

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