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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Results, Recap, and Review of CZW's Down With The Sickness

Here are the results and a recap of Combat Zone Wrestling's Down With the Sickness. Caution: Spoilers Ahead!

DJ Hyde out to open the show. He pays his respects to various CZW alumni who are no longer with us.

Lio Rush vs. Joey Janela vs. Caleb Konley vs. Trevor Lee

I've seen Lio's name pop up a bit. Interested to see him in action. Caleb Konley comes out pissed off he hasn't gotten a match in CZW as of late and demands this match be turned into a triple threat match. Out comes Trevor Lee who slaps Konley and this match gets turned into a four way dance.

This was a fun opener. I was really impressed with Rush. He looks like someone who's going to be having great matches with guys like Bailey, AR Fox, Shynron, and all the other good high flyers in the game. Ended a bit abruptly is my only gripe.

Winner: Joey Janela

Tabernak de Team vs. Dan Barry and Candace LaRae (w/ Dick Justice)

Dan Barry announces that due to personal issues Bill Carr won't be in this match for his team but filling in will be Candace LaRae!

I like Tabernak de Team. Funny name. Throwback brawler style tag team. They hit Barry with a dual Alabama Slam and I yelled out a bad word. Another fun match.

Winners: Dan Barry and Candace LaRae

Mia Yim vs. Greg Excellent (w/ Chrissy Rivera)

A pretty good inter-gender match with a few comedy spots. Basically Jim Cornette's worst nightmare. Mia Yim sort of hit Excellent with a Code Red. Excellent beats her with two Tiger Drivers.

Winner: Greg Excellent

After the match Dick Justice challenges Greg Excellent to a rematch for the Jr. Lightweight Championship. Excellent just walks out.

Poseidon and Tim Donst vs. Frankie Pickard and Joe Gacy

This match was....interesting. Donst wanted no part of Gacy and even leaves his partner Poseidon high and dry to an onslaught of offense from Gacy. Like I said, interesting match.

Winners: Joe Gacy and Frankie Pickard

Dub Boys vs. OI4K

OI4K broke out a Superplex into a Powerbomb combo! This was a fun, pretty much one sided match with some neat moves from OI4K.

Winners: OI4K

After the match all the members of OI4K and the Nation of Intoxication get to a brawl. Deathmatch stuff. At the end Danny Havoc of NOI challenges all four members of OI4K to a Tangled Web Match on 10/10.


Sozio and Matt Tremont vs. TV Ready (BLK Jeez and Pepper Parks)

Brawl outside for a good while before the bell actually rings. No Cherry Bomb with TV Ready due to an injury during her WSU Championship Match earlier during the WSU Excellence portion of today's doubleheader.

Odd match with an abrupt ending due to the referee not seeing a low blow. After the match TV Ready beats down Sozio and Tremont with a chair.

Winners: TV Ready (BLK Jeez and Pepper Parks)

David Starr and JT Dunn come down to the ring respectively in their street clothes. Starr brings up Dunn's past substance abuse problems and sinks even lower bringing up Dunn's deceased mother. What a scumbag. I hope Dunn elbows David Starr's face off.

The Amazing Gulaks vs. Biff Busick and ?

Now Busick was supposed to team with Nick Gage but we all know that wasn't going to happen and why. I guess this match is a handicap match? Drew on the mic saying no one is coming to Busick aid and they are going to give Biff a nice send off. (What do they mean?!!)

Suddenly the music of the "Ultraviolent Beast" hits and Masada makes his way down to the ring!!

Busick suicide dives right into the crowd!!! This match is all over the Flyers Skate Zone! I love Rory's custom singlet, pretty boss. Masada is bleeding, there's a shock. That "Amazing!" thing from Rory is going to be a great thing to get heat from the crowd. I can already see CZW fans mocking that when Rory is getting beat down. Match slows down immensely. Masada drives BBQ skewers into the forehead into Drew Gulak's face! Closing minutes saw some amazing (no pun intended) chain wrestling from Drew and Biff which results in Drew getting a high leverage backslide pin and the win.

Winners: The Amazing Gulaks

After the match the crowd showers Biff with traditional going away chants as the former CZW World Champion will be moving on to better things. Congratulations Biff and good luck!

Time for the main event!

"Speedball" Mike Bailey vs. AR Fox - Chris Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match

Pretty much what you would expect out of these two in this setting. Lots of flips, kicks, and heavy use of a guardrail. This match alone is worth price of admission/stream. Fox hits a Lo Mein Pain onto the top of an opened steel chair. Ouch. Closing moments saw Fox push Bailey off the top of a giant ladder and climb to grab the Best of the Best trophy and win the match. Great stuff.

Winner: AR Fox

Overall this was a solid showing from all of Combat Zone Wrestling. I dug Lio Rush, Tabernak de Team, The Amazing Gulaks...all of it. Get it from or NOW!

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