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Friday, September 25, 2015

HobosGhost's Scavenger Hunt - Kasai, Shirai...Oh my!

It's Friday, that means one thing! Welcome to another edition of the Scavenger Hunt here on TWC! My name is Simon Knowles from rainy England and each week I compile five clips from the world of wrestling for you to have a look at! The good, bad and sometimes very ugly always features!

Without further ado let's begin!

Deep South Wrestling
22nd March 2007
Kofi Kingston vs Tyson Kidd

Kicking off with Kofi Kingston vs Tyson Kidd in the former WWE developmental Deep South! First bit that made me chuckle was that as Natalya is interviewing Kofi, she says as she's also from Calgary she is "very familiar with (Tyson's) work". It's like it was an inside reference to their relationship. As Kofi was doing a lot of commentary for Deep South his replacement for this match along with regular announcer Nigel Sherrod was G-Zilla. G-Zilla would go on to be Brodus Clay in WWE and now Tyrus in TNA!

Good little TV match here from two stars who have become a staple in the WWE especially in the revived tag team division. Hopefully Tyson Kidd will be back from injury to rejoin the roster in the near future.

24th February 2009
Tommy Dreamer vs Paul Burchill

This little match appears on this week's Hunt just because I thought it was a cool little match! Paul Burchill had scored a pinfall win over The Boogeyman the previous week and Boogeyman appears from under the ring scaring the bejeezus out of Katie Lea Burchill!

Paul Burchill and Katie Lea were trained at Frontier Wrestling Alliance in the UK. Katie Lea was involved in the first women's ladder match in Ohio Valley Wrestling for the Women's Championship which she retained over Beth Phoenix. Both were released in 2010 from the WWE. Paul is now a trained fireman while Katarina Waters (Katie Lea) is acting, directing and producing TV and movies as well as having her own website called "Katarina's Infamy".

It's hard enough for the Burchill's to take on ECW original Tommy Dreamer without having the Boogeyman show up as well on WWE ECW!

Union Pro Wrestling
30th August 2015
Hardcore Intergender Match
Jun Kasai vs Mio Shirai

Pretty tame compared to his usual matches (a good thing really) but from last month here we have a hardcore rules match between Mio Shirai and the heavily scarred nutcase known as Jun Kasai!

Kasai has appeared on the Hunt before in a crazy car door light tubes death match but here he puts on a pretty decent (mostly) wrestling match against his female opponent. With a barbed wire baseball bat, a Chinese fan (for comedy effect), a large staff and a steel chair (both competitors take a brutal chair shot each), the match is actually a really good encounter! Mio bleeds as does Kasai but then if you have seen Jun Kasai before in his death matches then bleeding is nothing new for him! He is currently one half of the Wrestle-1 Tag Team Champions.

There is talk of Mio Shirai leaving wrestling soon but if so then at least she can say she survived an encounter with the normally crazy and bloody Jun Kasai in Japan! Mio along with her sister Io Shirai are two of the best performers around in Japan.

Intergender hardcore match from Japan!

W3L Wrestling
11th January 2015
W3L Women's Championship Match
Viper vs Leah Von Dutch

I like to highlight indie talent on the Hunt so here is Scottish wrestler Viper taking on the "Dino Hunter" herself, Canada's own Leah Von Dutch in Scotland for W3L!

Making her in ring debut in September 2011, Leah Von Dutch has become a very popular performer having been named on the top five "one's to watch" list in 2012 on the DivaDirt website. Having performed for Chikara, ROH, Shimmer, Shine and numerous indie promotions, Leah is also one of many talents who appeared as one of Adam Rose's Rosebuds in the WWE. Leah is a former AIW Women's Champion and I was personally gutted I missed her performing for ASW in my hometown of Folkestone here in England on 30th October 2014!

Viper was trained by fellow wrestlers Damian O' Conner and Mikey Whiplash and wrestles mostly in Scotland and Northern England. She recently defeated former TNA talent ODB in Scotland and has been involved in matches involving Velvet Sky, fellow Scottish wrestlers Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm and like many female competitors she has held her own against male wrestlers. She is very agile and brings something different to women's wrestling.

Nice match between these two young performers!

And Finally...

Real Quality Wrestling
28th September 2008
Austin Aries/Bryan Danielson vs Jimmy Jacobs/Tyler Black

Ending this week's Hunt is this quality match from UK promotion Real Quality Wrestling as Bryan Danielson teams with Austin Aries to take on Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs!

Trained by Terry Fox and Eddie Starkey (Eddie also trained talents such as Road Warriors, Rick Rude, Jerry Lynn, Sean Waltman, Bob Backlund and others), Austin Aries debuted in wrestling in November 2000. He has won numerous titles in wrestling including the ROH Tag Team Championships, a two time ROH World Champion, a six time TNA X Division Champ and also won the TNA World and TNA Tag Team titles on one occasion each. Aries is vegan and also provided the voice of main character Jacob Cass in the Road To Wrestlemania part of the WWE 12 video game!

Jimmy Jacobs was signed by WWE earlier this year in a creative position having wrestled for 16 years. A five time ROH Tag Team Champion and among many indie titles he is also a one time IWA-Mid South Champion. Having started as a ref he debuted in wrestling aged just 15 on 1st May 1999.

Real Quality Wrestling was a British company founded in 2005 by Len Davies. Since 2008 it cut back on promoting it's own shows and became an umbrella promotion for other British companies such as SAS Wrestling and IPW-UK. This show was an event called Indypendance Day and featured talent from the UK, ROH and Germany in front of 200 people in Wolverhampton. An excellent way to end this week's hunt!

That concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! If you like the general idea then how about checking out all the Hunts for free from the past year and a bit for free here on TWC!

Hope you pop back next Friday for another installment! Feel free to RT and keep an eye out for the #ScavengerHunt hashtag on Twitter and Facebook!
From me it's so long folks!

Simon K @HobosGhost
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