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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Episode 67 of the Piledriver Podcast - SummerSlam SuperCard!

This week Erik and Emil get ready for SummerSlam in a huge way! They are joined once again by Jason Namako of and all three bring you the SummerSlam SuperCard!

Rules are as follows: We each decide on one match from each year of SummerSlam. A wrestler can only be used once as well as championships. Once all the matches are selected Emil and Jason each construct a two night SummerSlam Event ordering the matches the way they see fit for the best show.

Here's where you get to have fun: At the end of the episode leave a comment below or on any of our social media links and tell us who had the better card, Emil or Jason? Next week we'll be reading all of your comments as well as who you guys chose as the best SummerSlam SuperCard!

Here is the episode on YouTube as well:

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