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Monday, June 29, 2015

Ring of Honor Best in the World 2015 PPV Results, Recap, and Reaction

I was originally going to save this for a segment in the upcoming Piledriver Podcast but since we are having equipment issues I figured I'd my thoughts out in written form.

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On to the wrestling shall we?

Opening Promo

If this promo doesn't get your blood pumping for the main event of the evening then I don't think you are watching the right program. Truth Martini's voice is one of the most recognizable voices in professional wrestling today. The story is so well told in this video that even if you have never watched wrestling in your life you would still understand how these two men have reached the climax of this epic feud. The Ring of Honor World Champion, a man who has been with the company since day one and where other ROH stars have moved on to bigger and better things in sports entertainment, Jay Briscoe has remained an anchor in the ship that is Ring of Honor. Oh and he hasn't been pinned to the mat for three seconds in over two years.

The other defendant stands atop an equally impressive resume. Defeating the likes of Kushida, Jushin Liger, Alberto El Patron, Roderick Strong while defending his prized World Television Title. He claim the man makes the title, not vice versa. He also claims to be the best wrestler on the planet. With 13 years of experience under his belt (no pun intended) it would be hard to argue that point either.

On to the first contest...

Donavan Dijak (w/ Truth Martini) vs. Mark Briscoe (w/ ODB)

I know relatively nothing about Dijak since he's pretty fresh on the scene but ROH touts him as their top prospect and being that he is aligned with Truth Martini that leads me to think ROH must see something in him. Mark Briscoe is really impressive to begin this match. Quick pace but everything he hits is done with grace. Fun to watch. Later on in the match Dijak uses his size and strength advantage to gain the upper hand. He hoists Mark up for what look to be the standard body slam but instead of on the canvas in the ring Dijak just slams Mark to the outside garnering a "holy you know what" chant. Briscoe rebounds and hit a blockbuster to the outside off the apron further hurting his back. The constant shots to the back would cause him not to execute the moves he wanted. Dijak goes to hit his finisher "Feast Your Eyes" which looks to be a burning hammer into a GTS combo. He doesn't hit it flush and Briscoe rebounds and collects himself before getting back on offense. Briscoe goes to the top and hits his patented "Froggy Elbow"and picks up the win. Pretty good opener and I will definitely love to see more of Dijak.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

The Decade vs. ACH and Matt Sydal

I really enjoy the feud that has developed between ACH and Adam Page of The Decade. Two hungry guys trying to prove themselves every chance they get. ACH has been getting higher marquee matches which has made Page a little jealous he hasn't been getting the same chances. This should be fun. I'm interested to see how Sydal and ACH work as a team. Both have an innovative high risk style offense but how do they thread that into a solid tag team offense against the more established team of The Decade who have experience thanks to BJ Whitmer?

I love Matt Sydal. Let me be more specific, I love this Matt Sydal. He's just a dude who is really good at wrestling. He's so chill and so positive (I'm pretty sure you can guess why) that I can't help but love him. I like the grungy shirt and jacket and how it looks like there might be some suspect stuff floating in his beard. But it's cool man. You cool?

Anyway you know who people don't love? BJ Whitmer. I mean they hate this freakin' guy. Add their treatment of Colby Corino as his father watches from commentary and you can see why. One thing you can't deny is Whitmer is a fantastic wrestler. It seems as though he is doing a great job of passing his expertise down to his protege Page. Adam Page wants no part of ACH. However he knows by agitating ACH he can lose focus. ACH comes in hot and gets a couple nice moves in but Whitmer catches him with a power slam which allows him to take control and slow the match down. ACH finally gets some separation with a jumping enzuigiri and gets the hot tag to Sydal. Matt comes in off the tag with one of the coolest transitions into a 'rana I have ever seen. From there the match gets crazy. Sydal hits the Shooting Star Press but Colby Corino pulls Page out from under the pin before three. ACH dives to the outside taking out both men. He goes to capitalize from the top rope but Whitmer cuts him off. Page hits his "Rite of Passage" finisher (which is fantastic by the way) and The Decade pick up the victory. Great match. Would have loved to see ACH get a victory here but it looks like the feud should keep on going.

Winners: The Decade

Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle

Dalton Castle. Wow. Holy...what the hell was that entrance? It was the greatest thing and the worst thing at the same time. It's like Tyler Breeze but on LSD. Streamers are awesome.

I love Silas Young. I love that he is a man's man, pissed off about all these sissy long haired punks ruining professional wrestling, so he says. I can't help but see Rick Rude when I look at Young which sounds absolutely crazy. Take away the gyrating hips and blowing kisses into the camera part of his gimmick. Despite all of that Rude walked around like a man, like THE MAN. He could beat you up and take your girl. Silas can definitely beat you up, he doesn't really care for your girl.

Silas Young goes for the Code of Honor handshake which I find odd. Speaking of odd, is Dalton Castle on drugs? He literally head butted the air. He walks around the ring like that scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where Johnny Depp can't even walk into the brightly colored casino. Silas establishes a pretty straight forward ground and pound game. Young hits a back rake coming off the top which I thought was neat. Painful but neat. What's with the dudes squawking at ringside? Castle attempts a sunset flip but Young stands firm. Castle's squawking entourage hops on the ring apron with their feather fans trying to assist Castle with the force of wind. Wind doesn't work but the distraction helps Castle but only for a two count. From there Castle hits two gorgeous suplex variations but the last one only warrants a second two count. Apparently Castle is well versed in Greco Roman style wrestling. Both men brawl on the apron. Silas creates separation with Castle going up and over to the other side when out of nowhere Young threads the needle through the turnbuckle post for a spear sending both men crashing through the floor. From then on it's just back and forth at a quick but flawless pace. Castle is super impressive and his deadlift German suplex got a wow out of me. Young goes to hit a lariat off the top but Castle ducks. Castle is on the top rope but Young pushes referee Todd Sinclair into the ropes. Young goes for the pin but Sinclair refuses to count. I like that he didn't just ring the bell for a DQ. Young gets up and mushes Sinclair in the face. A dazed Sinclair doesn't see Castle hit Young with a low blow to the ding ding as Corino eloquently puts it and rolls Young up for the three! Excellent match. Great pacing, big moves at the right time, and Castle's natural chemistry is off the charts.

Winner: Dalton Castle

C&C Wrestle Factory vs. War Machine

Admittedly I don't much about War Machine other than since they've been featured in ROH they've been a pretty solid team. Sidelined for a bit when Raymond Rowe suffered an injury stemming from a motorcycle accident they seem to pick up right where they left off. Cedric Alexander has become a household name on the independent circuit but there seems to be a change in his attitude. He was able to best the undefeated Moose in a less than admirable way. Perhaps a heel turn is impending?

Before the bell even rings C&C takes advantage and hits both Hanson and Rowe with a flurry of impressive offense. The cohesiveness only last for a few as Coleman attempts a kick but ends up knocking his own partner out of the ring. From there it is all War Machine. Alexander goes under the ring and grabs a wrench, the same object he used to defeat Moose. He begs for the tag in but Coleman catches the wrench in his hand and refuses to tag him in. War Machine capitalizes and hits their Fallout finisher for the win.

Winners: War Machine

After the match it looks as if Alexander is going to hit Coleman with the wrench but instead brings him to his feet and informs him that they are officially done as a team.

Michael Elgin vs. Moose vs. Roderick Strong - #1 Contender's Match for the ROH Championship

In just a year Moose has become one of the most popular wrestlers on the ROH roster. One would think a man of his size is all power no agility but you couldn't be more wrong.

For as popular as Moose is, Roderick Strong may be even more popular with the ROH fans and with good reason. He is without a doubt Mr. ROH. To me, Strong is easily in the top 20 as far as pure talent and experience goes. Hell, even top 10.

Michael Elgin is one of those guys I look at and go, "What happened?" Elgin is gifted, athletic, dedicated and at times very impressive. Things just didn't seem to go his way once he captured the ROH Title last year. Almost as if the chase for the title was more captivating than the title reign itself.

Usually triple threat matches can get a little screwy especially with the size of Moose and Elgin. However this match was definitely can't miss. The best part about it is how smart Strong played his part. He picked his spots and made sure to keep Moose and Elgin on opposite sides when he was on offense. Elgin was heavy on the strikes while Moose wowed everyone with a dive to the outside. Back in the ring Elgin looks to have things well in hand but instead of going for the cover after two powerbombs he gets greedy. This allows Strong to capitalize by hitting his release suplex backbreaker to Elgin. Strong hits Moose with two jumping knees, a forearm, then the sick kick and he picks up the win.

Winner and #1 Contender for the ROH Championship: Roderick Strong

After the match there was a show of sportsmanship between Strong and Moose much to the dismay of Veda Scott. Veda tags Moose with two open hand slaps which really doesn't seem to phase Moose. He gets ready to hit Scott with a spear but out of nowhere comes Cedric Alexander with his wrench to clock Moose and his companion Stokley Hathaway. Alexander proclaims he should have been in the match as he exits with Veda Scott.

The Kingdom vs. Bullet Club

So far this is my favorite match. Everything just flowed so well. I tweeted while watching that there isn't a better tag team on this planet than the Young Bucks and I wholeheartedly believe that along with many others. Even the snarkiest fan can admit they are at least entertained by the Bucks, and if you're not then you're lying to yourself. What's even better is how well they work with AJ Styles. It's almost as if Styles is the long lost older Jackson brother who is just as good and makes them better. This trio is a well oiled machine if I've ever seen one.

This is no knock to The Kingdom either. Taven and Bennett are phenomenal talents and well deserving of the titles they hold. My only gripe is Cole is almost out of place in the faction. Taven and Bennett are an excellent team but Adam Cole is just on another level. In any promotion, Adam Cole makes a fine world champion. In due time he may be the biggest thing in professional wrestling.

It's so odd seeing the Young Bucks and Adam Cole on opposite side if you're a fan of the now Mt. Rushmore 1.0. You see me talking a lot about pacing in a match. I'm not as critical of a fast paced match so long as the fast pace stays even throughout and it most certainly did. Many grumble at the excess amount of superkicks in wrestling but you can't deny each shot in this match was spot on. Best part of the match was when Cole hits the Panama Sunrise on Styles, comes up to do the "ADAM COLE BAY BAY!" and before he could even get all of the catchphrase out he catches a double superkick right to the face. Not without mention goes the Pele assisted superkick to Maria Kanellis. Closing moments of the match see Young Bucks hit the Indy Taker spike piledriver which gets rolled right into a Styles Clash. What a match.

Winners: Bullet Club

The Addiction (c) vs. ReDRagon - No Disqualification for the ROH Tag Team Championship

This was a great No DQ match. Ladders, guardrail setups, chair shots. It was just all out chaos from start to finish. Addiction showed their expertise when they used wrist tape to trap Bobby Fish on the bottom rope. Once he was able to free himself it looked as if ReDRagon had the victory in hand as they hit Chasing the Dragon. Before the referee could get his hand down for the three count Chris Sabin appears and pulls the ref out of the ring. The distraction proves to be effective as they hit their Celebrity Rehab finisher and pick up the victory.

Winners and still the ROH Tag Team Champions: The Addiction

Jay Briscoe (ROH World Champion) vs. Jay Lethal (ROH World TV Champion) - Title for Title

If there is ever a match with a big fight feel to it, this is the one. Two men who debuted the same year both fighting for the right to call himself the best in the world. One of things that makes Ring of Honor as popular as they are is how much they value their championships and title reigns. It is not uncommon for a title holder to reign for 300-400+ days. This adds a level of intensity for these kinds of matches unlike anywhere else.

I'm a huge fan of title for title stipulations. Both men are worthy of being THE MAN for ROH but to best the other is no easy task. Both men adhere to the Code of Honor which again, despite all the animosity building up to this match, gives it a big fight feel.

Lethal plays the smart one, taking his time to lock up and if he doesn't like the feel of things he exits the ring till he can come up with a better strategy. We've grown accustomed to seeing the Briscoe Family at ringside but I especially enjoy seeing Jay Lethal's parents as well as this is no doubt the biggest match of his career. Early on Todd Sinclair disposes of House of Truth members Donovan Dijak and Jay Diesel. Later on we would see Nigel McGuinness toss out Truth Martini ensuring no funny business will happen in this match.

This match overall was well done. Both men show off their experience very well. They certainly knew when to get the crowd riled up and on their feet and when to cool them down. From the get go my focus was on Briscoe's shoulder as he was seen grabbing and stretching it out so it couldn't have been at 100%. Briscoe pummeling Lethal in front of the Briscoe Family was a nice touch. Two very huge highlights in the match. Briscoe hitting the Jay Driller through a table on the outside and the closing seconds.

The closing seconds saw Lethal hit his finisher Lethal Injection but surprisingly only for a two count. A frustrated Lethal attempts to use the Jay Driller but gets blocked. After a roll out escape Lethal catches Briscoe with a boot to the gut and hits him with a picture perfect Jay Driller, Briscoe's own finishing maneuver. Briscoe is dazed then gets dropped by another beautiful Lethal Injection! One...two...three!

Winner, Still the ROH TV Champion and NEW ROH World Champion: Jay Lethal

An incredible moment as streamers rain down from the rafters for the new champion. Whether you're a fan or not you cannot deny that Jay Lethal deserves to be the King of Ring of Honor. The crowd showers him with "You deserve it!" chants and both men shake hands after a well fought match.

Overall I thought this was an excellent show. The action was great and I was thoroughly entertained throughout the show. Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship will headline the next event, Death Before Dishonor. That one ladies and gentlemen is can't miss.

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