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Friday, June 26, 2015

Full Lineup For Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's 2015 Battle of Los Angeles

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla has been widely regarded as one of, if not the best independent wrestling promotions in the United States. For quite sometime now each show they put on seems to top the previous one with their unique blend of entertainment and jaw dropping matches that gives anyone who pays a ticket to see the show or buy it on DVD way more than their money's worth. One of their most anticipated shows happen annually known as the Battle of Los Angeles. BOLA not only is a guarantee to see the best talent in professional wrestling, it is a showcase of the art form.

This year 24 competitors will collide in Reseda, California in front of a sold crowd. BOLA seems to be special every year and this year is no different. Not only will familiar names be apart of the tournament but this year will feature a ton of talent from around the world, not just the United States. Below is a list of the competitors as well as where they are from and some companies they have been featured with.

1. Will Ospreay (UK - SWE, Progress Wrestling, IPW: UK etc.)
2. Marty Scrull (UK - SWE, IPW: UK, RPW, etc.)
3. Timothy Thatcher (US - Evolve, etc)
4. "Speedball" Mike Bailey (Canada - CZW, C*4, Smash Wrestling, PWG, etc.)
5. Chris Hero (US - CZW, ROH, PWG, Evolve, etc.)
6. Biff Busick (US - CZW, Evolve, Beyond Wrestling, PWG, etc)
7. Mark Andrews (UK - TNA, Progress Wrestling, SWE, PCW, Chikara etc.)
8. Brian Cage (US - Lucha Underground, PWG, etc.)
9. Ricochet (US - PWG, DGUSA, Evolve, etc.)
10. Tommy End (NL - WXW, Progress Wrestling, CZW, AAW, etc.)
11. Trevor Lee (US - CZW, PWG, CWF, etc.)
12. Pentagón Jr. (Mexico - AAA, Lucha Underground)
13. Drew Gulak (US - CZW, PWG, Chikara, Evolve etc.)
14. Angélico (South Africa - AAA,  Lucha Underground etc.)
15. Trent? (US - PWG,  NJPW, ROH, GFW, etc.)
16. Andrew Everett (US - PWG, CZW, CWF, Evolve, etc.)
17. Fénix (Mexico - AAA, Lucha Underground, etc.)
18. Rich Swann (US - PWG, CZW, DGUSA, etc.)
19. Jack Evans (US - AAA, ROH, PWG, CZW, etc.)
20. Drago (Mexico - AAA, Lucha Underground, etc.)
21. Matt Sydal (US - PWG, ROH etc.)
22. Aero Star (Mexico - AAA, Lucha Underground etc.)
23. Zack Sabre Jr. (UK - NOAH, IPW: UK, Progress Wrestling, etc.)
24. Drew Galloway (UK - TNA, Evolve, ICW, etc.)

United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and the Netherlands are all represented in this year's tournament giving it a true international feel. BOLA will take place August 28-30, 2015 from Reseda, California. If you can't make it there live make sure to visit for info on when the DVD will be ready for purchase.
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