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Monday, March 30, 2015

WrestleMania 31 Results and Review

Here's a quick recap and match by match review, starting with the Kickoff Show, of WrestleMania which was held in Levi's Stadium in California.
Kickoff Show

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (c) vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. A New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championship

This was a super entertaining match that started off hot and did not slow down one bit. Early on in the match Cesaro yanked Jimmy (or Jey?) and rammed him into the barricade. Apparently this re-aggravated a shoulder injury and would not allow him to continue the match. Rather then forfeit the match the other Uso continued for his team. A ton of great high flying spots in the match that included a dive from Naomi and Torito, Nattie putting Torito in the Sharpshooter, and Nattie getting caught with a rearview from Naomi. Tons of superkicks thrown out in this one as well so it looks like WWE is jumping on that bandwagon, nothing wrong with that. The closing moments saw a Tower of Doom suplex involving six of the seven competitors. The only standing competitor, Jey Uso took to the top rope and hit Big E with a splash however Big E was not the legal man. The legal man, Cesaro, yanks Uso off Big E, takes the cover and gets the three count. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro retain.

The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The one surprising thing I took away from this is how popular Hideo Itami was with the crowd. Of course this is WrestleMania crowd which is typically smarter when it comes to wrestling but still the reaction for Itami was definitely noticeable. Highlight obviously was Mizdow finally standing up for himself and eliminating his now former "employer" Miz. It seemed as though Mizdow was poised for his own WrestleMania moment as he had the upperhand against Big Show but in the end the Giant was too much to overpower and Big Show eliminates Mizdow to win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This is the first time Big Show has won any Battle Royal in his WWE career.


Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust vs. Luke Harper vs. R-Truth for the Intercontinental Championship

Right off the bat this one starts off pretty crazy. Apparently Stardust has his own custom made glitter ladder. Every time someone gets clobbered with a ladder I cringe a little. Luke Harper destroys Ambrose with a Jackknife Powerbomb to the outside through a ladder. Back in the ring Barrett deals out a few Bullhammer elbows. The closing moments saw Ziggler and Bryan hitting each other with some vicious headbutts. In the end Bryan's blows get the better of Ziggler's and Ziggler goes crashing down leaving Bryan alone to yank down the Intercontinental Title and win the ladder match.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

I figured this one would be the sleeper in the sense that it may be one of those matches we talk about for the next week as being one of the best matches on the card. For jump this match is back and forth with Orton matching Rollins' quick pace. Rollins hits a buckle-bomb but Orton no sells it and hits a clothesline. J&J Security tried to get involved but ended up getting guillotine DDT'd on the outside. Back in the ring Rollins controls the match. Orton gets the upperhand back and methodically begins his attack. Rollins sends Orton to the outside then hits a picture perfect springboard moonsault the only bad thing his back goes crashing into the announce table. Later on Rollins tried hitting a Standing Slice Bread but Orton blocks and counters it into an RKO. Surprisingly this only gets him a two count. J&J try getting involved again but both get an RKO for their troubles. Off the distraction Rollins hits the Curbstomp but he too only gets a two count. Rollins attempts a second Curbstomp but as soon as his foot hit Orton's neck Orton sends him flying sky high and catching him with an RKO on the way down.

Orton gets the win. Really enjoyed this match.

Sting vs. Triple H

Okay, Triple H's Terminator Cyborg entrance was the coolest damn thing ever. Like wow. Triple H as always looks to be in incredible shape. Thankfully no Sting in a T-shirt is a good sign as well. Stare down to begin the contest sucks the crowd in even more. Lock up to start, Sting hits Triple H with a shoulder block drawing the first shot. After some back and forth Triple H hits Sting with his knee to the face but Sting completely no sells it. Triple H clearly looks taken off his game or perhaps he wasn't expecting Sting to have his A game. On the outside Sting goes for the Stinger Splash into the barricade but Triple H moves out of the way. Triple H drives Sting into the steps and now begins taking over the match. Triple H keeps Sting grounded and when he attempts to mount a comeback Triple H hits him with a spinebuster. Triple H attempts a move off the second rope but gets caught in a Scorpion Deathlock. As Sting has the submission locked in the music of D-Generation X hits and out come the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac. Before they could do any damage Sting disposes of them. Off the distraction Triple H hits Sting with a Pedigree but only gets a two count. He exits the ring and goes to get his trusty sledgehammer. Next thing you know the music of nWo hits and out come the trio. They get rid of DX while back in the ring Sting hits Triple H with a Scorpion Deathdrop. The crowd is losing their minds. There is pandemonium on the outside. I think Nash tore a quad (cheap joke I know). Billy Gunn hands Triple H his sledgehammer on one side of the ring and on the other Scott Hall hands Sting his bat. Sting destroys the sledgehammer and just goes to town on Triple H. In the middle of all the insanity (and me losing my freakin' mind) Triple H uses the head of the sledgehammer to knock Sting out and pick up the three count. This match way exceeded my expectations and both men delivered a great match. After the match both factions, Sting, and Triple H all enter the ring. Sting and Triple H meet in the middle, shake hands and exit.

The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee and Paige

Bellas start the offense in the match and do a nice job isolating Paige from AJ. Nikki seems to be more of the brawler of the Twins while Brie brings more of a finesse and skill. Great double action from The Bellas with a slingshot suplex. AJ keeps getting knocked off the apron. AJ finally gets the hot tag and goes off. From then on things get a little crazy. Paige takes Brie out on the outside while AJ Lee slaps on the Black Widow and gets the Divas Champion to tap out for the win. Better match than what I expected from the ladies.

Rusev (c) vs. John Cena for the United States Championship

Lana looks absolutely stunning. Rusev wins the "Most Baller Entrance" of the Night. He came in on a freakin' tank. Holy Moses. Literally the most 'Murica vignette played before Cena came out. It was nuts. All that was missing were hot dogs and Honey Boo Boo. Rusev keeps being baller by making Eden introduce him first. Rusev dominates on offense to start the match. Rusev waves the Russian flag drawing massive heat. He mocks Cena but gets caught with a foot. Cena briefly gets some offense in but Rusev goes right back to grounding Cena. I have to say commentary hasn't been that bad tonight. However if I hear them call Cena polarizing one more time I might lose it. Cena hits that top rope leg drop but only gets a two count. The crowd starts chanting "Lets Go Lana!" Whatever. Rusev went for the stomp to set up The Accolade, Cena slides back, and Rusev kicks him right in the mush. Moments later Rusev drops Cena with an Alabama Slam but only gets a two count. He starts yelling something which allows Cena time to breathe and lock him in the STF. While in the hold Lana throws her high heel in the ring for some strange reason. Rusev gets to the rope to break the hold. Rusev takes to the air and hits Cena with a ridiculous flying headbutt, Cena was 3/4 on the side of the ring. After escaping an Accolade attempt Cena hits this gnarly Springboard Stunner. Commentary keep talking about this being the evolution of Cena. Rusev not going down in this one. He's able to lock on the Accolade and Cena begins to fade. He gets to his feet and drives Rusev to the corner breaking the hold. He puts Rusev in the STF. Before Rusev reaches for the rope Cena breaks the hold. He gets distracted by Lana standing on the apron. Rusev charges in and in a split second Cena moves out of the way. Rusev crashes into Lana sending her flying into orbit. Cena catches Rusev on the rebound and hits him with an AA. He gets the three count and is the new United States Champion.

WrestleMania 32 will be held in Dallas, Texas on April 3rd, 2016.

WrestleMania sets a new attendance record in Levis Stadium with 76,976 people in attendance. Incredible. Stephanie McMahon is in the ring with her husband Triple H and she says they are the reason for this success. Triple H gloats about his win over Sting saying The Authority always wins. The music of The Rock hits and the place goes bonkers. Triple H's expression right now is the stuff of legends. It's literally "WTF are you doing here?" and it's great. Buzzkill Stephanie gets annoyed with the rowdy crowd. Rock lays down the challenge. Teenager me is losing it. Staredown. Game Era Triple H says "nah." and Rock talks about his balls. Stephanie kills it saying without the McMahons there would be no Rock. Wow. Rock makes another dick joke and Stephanie absolutely mollywops him with a smack to the face. She just punked down The Rock. Wow. He exits the ring but stops when he realizes who is sitting front row. UFC sensation Rhonda Rousey. She hops the fence and holy crap this is happening. Stephanie informs The Rock that her and Rhonda are actually friends as her and the Four Horsewomen were ringside for Stephanie's match at SummerSlam. When that doesn't work and angry Stephanie demands Rousey get out of her ring. This is the squared circle which makes it her ring. Rhonda says any ring she steps into becomes her ring. Rock makes another genital joke and Triple H has had enough. He and Rock come to blows with Rock laying the SmackDown on Triple H. Rousey hits Triple H with a sick hip toss and sends him crashing to the mat. An angry Stephanie goes to stand up for her man but gets caught in an arm trap. Thankfully Rousey is merciful and lets the Billion Dollar Princess run free. Pretty cool moment.

Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

Wyatt has a really cool entrance walking alongside moving scarecrows. Just as the sun begins to set in the background Out comes The Undertaker out of hibernation. No special entrance for The Deadman however he looks to be in tremendous shape. Looks absolutely the opposite than last year. Wyatt does gain the upperhand and tries to keep Taker grounded in the center of the ring. Undertaker locks in Hell's Gate but Bray was able to fight back and both men are sprawled out in the ring. Taker up first but Bray just absolutely overpowers him. He hits that running senton and control is firmly in his hands. He goes for Sister Abigail but Undertaker powers out and chokeslams Wyatt. He signals for The Tombstone Piledriver and nails it. 1..2..kick out by Bray! Undertaker is absolutely dumbfounded. He goes for a second Tombstone but Bray reverses and hits Sister Abigail. 1..2..kick out Taker. Wyatt arches and spider-walks over to Taker. Vintage Taker sits up and stares right into the eyes of Wyatt who collapses in fear it seems. Bray regains offense after mocking The Undertaker. He attempts Sister Abigail one more time but Taker fights out. He hoists Wyatt up and hits a Tombstone Piledriver! 1..2..3! Undertaker wins! Pretty good match and Undertaker looked great.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Pretty much what everyone expected reaction wise, Reigns got booed although not heavily and Brock Lesnar came out to a thunderous reception. During the introductions from Lillian Garcia the boos for Reigns increased to a booming sound of discontent. Lesnar gets his introduction from his advocate Paul Heyman. Big fight feel. Suplex number one and an F-5! Lesnar doesn't even bother to cover him. Reigns tries to mount offense but Lesnar just dominates him. This is a mauling. Reigns has no idea what he has gotten himself into. We're up to suplex number six. Reigns actually gets some offense in but I think this just pissed off Lesnar as he absolutely caves in the chest of Roman Reigns with a clothesline. Suplex number eight now. Another F-5 but Reigns kicks out. Not smart. Lesnar is literally bitch slapping Reigns. Suplex nine. Ten. F-5 number three and Roman Reigns kicks out. What the hell dude. The action spills outside where Lesnar goes head first into a post. Blood begins to seep out of Brock's forehead. Back in the ring and Roman begins raining in Superman punches. Three punches and two spears and Lesnar still did not go down for the three! Both bodies sprawled out, carnage. Booming drums and breakdown riffs fill the arena and Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins comes sprinting down the ramp. He's cashing in! He's cashing in! He starts handing out Curbstomps like they're free turkeys on Thanksgiving. He realizes Roman pretty much can't get back in the ring and goes to Curbstomp Lesnar for good measure. Lesnar catches him and attempts an F-5 but gets speared out of his boots! Out of nowhere Rollins Curbstomps Reigns! 1..2..3! We have a NEW World Heavyweight Champion and his name is Seth Rollins! He hauls ass out of the ring with his new belt in tow. He stands at the top raising his new prized possession as pyro booms through the air. The show fades to black and WrestleMania is over.

For me this show far exceeded my expectations. We bitched, whined, and moaned, some even cancelled their Network subscriptions but in the end we got a show that reminded us why we love this show, this day, this sport. I'm counting down the days till the next one, hopefully I'll be there live.

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