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Monday, February 9, 2015

Raw Review - 2/9/15

Here is a recap and review of the 2/9/15 edition of Monday Night Raw.


Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns def. Kane and Big Show via DQ
Ryback def. Seth Rollins via DQ
Paige def. Brie Bella
Bray Wyatt def. Dolph Ziggler
Kofi Kingston and Big E def. Goldust and Stardust
Kidd and Cesaro def. The Usos
Sin Cara def. Damien Mizdow
Dean Ambrose def. Curtis Axel
Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan def. Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show, and J&J Security


You have to forgive me but I had a visitor right at the start of Raw. Basically the gist of the opening segment was Daniel Bryan may be smaller than Roman Reigns but he is the better wrestler. The Authority comes out, Triple H is still mad about Sting and after a couple back and forth jabs (including a Katie Vick mention from Bryan) a tag match is set up putting Bryan and Reigns against Kane and Big Show, oh joy. The match wasn't anything spectacular although I did enjoy Reigns and Bryan showing some anger toward each other thanks to a miscommunication between them. A match is set up by Triple H for later that night pinning Bryan and Reigns against basically everyone in The Authority sans Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

I'm confused as to why the Ryback/Seth Rollins match ended in a DQ directly after the opening match ended in DQ. Regardless you didn't miss much in this one.

Brie Bella came out to that god awful entrance theme to take on Paige. It wasn't a dreadful match so there's that. Really nice tribute from Paige with "RIP Drew McDonald" a UK wrestling legend who passed away today. It is said McDonald had a hand in helping Paige get to the WWE during the recruiting process.

John Cena came out to do his usual comedy bit against his opponent for Fast Lane, Rusev. The only interesting thing coming from this segment is how it ended in a brawl. Finally an unstoppable monster not backing down from a fight. I did crack up when Rusev poked Cena in his injured eye. Rusev needing to poke someone to get the upper hand. Absolutely ridiculous.

Bray Wyatt vs. Dolph Ziggler wasn't as good as last week but it was still pretty damn good. Those two have great chemistry in the ring and Dolph does a really good job of making the other people he works with look good. And of course, I loved the no selling from Bray.

Paul Heyman came out with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar to discuss Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns at Fast Lane. Heyman says that both Reigns and Bryan are lying to themselves along with everyone else. Roman fears Brock and Bryan doesn't even come close to Brock in terms of size and stature. It was quick and straight to the point.

Goldust and Stardust took on New Day's Kofi and Big E. Match was over quick with Stardust leaving his brother high and dry in the ring. Looks like we'll finally get a match soon between the brothers, oddly looking forward to that.

I really enjoyed the Triple H/Sting segment. I always loved the mind games stuff similar to what The Undertaker used to do. The creepy chopped up video of Triple H cut with scenes of the Sting face paint on Triple H was really creative, same could be said about the fake Stings disappearing in the crowd. Sure the fake Sting that entered the ring briefly didn't look like the real one but WWE gets an A for effort.

Really glad we keep getting Kidd and Cesaro on a weekly basis. Also I'm enjoying the tension building between Naomi and Natalya. If Natalya chooses to go the heel route when this is all said and done then the team will be the complete package. The match was pretty good. There was some great tag work from Cesaro and Kidd and the Usos kept the pace going as per usual.

Speaking of the Usos, their dad Rikishi was announced as the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame! Congratulations!

Miz's personal assistant Damien Mizdow had a pretty good match with Sin Cara. The Miz sat ringside barking orders at Mizdow during the actual match which I thought was smart. Miz caught some heat from the crowd for being from Cleveland while tonight's Raw emanated from Columbus. Sin Cara picks up another win against a viable opponent. Good for him!

Bray Wyatt cut another promo to whom everyone is predicting to be The Undertaker. None of it made any real sense but then again when does a Wyatt promo make sense? It was still creepy however.

Dean Ambrose vs. Curtis Axel was the point of the show where I got really sleepy and just wished the show would end already. Dean got on the mic, said he's going to beat Bad News Barrett to become the next Intercontinental Champion. Barrett is on the the tron doing his BNZ schtick. I find myself strangely interested in the bottom news ticker for BNZ.

The main event tonight had a ton of tomfoolery to start the match with The Authority jumping on Reigns and Bryan before the bell rang. Daniel Bryan spent much of the match on defense and when he would manage a short burst of offense it would be squashed due to numbers. Big Show takes Roman Reigns out with a KO punch and Bryan looks to be in deep trouble. That is until the cavalry shows up in the form of Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan. After a massive brawl all that is left in the ring is J&J Security and Daniel Bryan. He does a pretty good job of handling J&J Security on his own. It looks like was setting up for the Running Knee when in mid YES! chant Reigns tags himself in and wins the match with a spear to Joey Mercury. After the match both men get into another shoving match this one ending with Roman spearing Daniel Bryan leaving him in the middle of the ring as the show end.

Final Thoughts:

I'd say this Raw was a pretty safe one. Another one of those not bad but not all that great episodes of Raw. This week I really enjoyed how they are trying to fix the mess they've created since the Royal Rumble. Reigns is more believable as they guy that isn't a bad guy but certainly isn't a good guy either. The backlash felt from fans is more than enough ammo for Reigns to turn it around and use it on the fans. They can keep booing him but this time it's his job to get the fans to boo him so it works. Still to early to gauge where WWE is going to go with Fast Lane.

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