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Friday, January 9, 2015

HobosGhost's Scavenger Hunt - Harley's Gonna Hurt You...Somehow!

Good day ladies and gentleman and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! I am Simon "HobosGhost" Knowles hailing from my hometown of Folkestone in England! Each week I compile five clips from the strange world of wrestling for your viewing pleasure/displeasure!

What's on this week's hunt? Let's begin!

WWE Shotgun Saturday Night
12th December 1998
The Oddities vs Steve Corino/Lance Diamond/Jimmy Cicero

Kicking off with a match from WWE pitting the freaks Golga, Kurrgan and Giant Silva against indie wrestler Jimmy Cicero, TNA agent Lance "Simon" Diamond and ECW alumni Steve Corino! Diamond and Corino of course are best known for their time in ECW. Diamond formed a tag team with Johnny Swinger which continued in a stint with TNA until being released in 2008 due to budget cuts. Diamond was rehired as a road agent in 2009 after Jim Cornette and BG James had been fired, a role he continues in to this day in TNA. Steve Corino works as a colour commentator for ROH nowadays. Corino started wrestling in 1994. A former ECW Champion, ROH Tag Team Champion as well as a former NWA Champion, Steve Corino had a couple of try outs with WWE without success. He did work a few matches however, this being one of them.

MSW Fingallians
29th June 2013
Kasey Owens vs Leah Owens

The return of the Owens Twins to the Hunt! Last time they appeared it was their tag match vs the Blossom Twins... this time it's against each other!

Kasey and Leah have wrestled against each other numerous times in the UK and in a triple threat match for Ice Ribbon in Japan in the summer of 2013. Kasey debuted in wrestling in October 2010 while Leah debuted in April 2011. The Belfast duo currently reside in Scotland. The 25 year old's did well on the TNA Boot Camp 2 series although missed out on the final 3. They don't hold back when they wrestle each other!

The Cheetah Kid (Rocco Rock) vs Johnny Rotten (Grunge)

This match is an edited video of Cheetah Kid vs Johnny Rotten from Austria. These two would go on to form The Public Enemy in UWF in 1993. In 1993 they joined ECW and went on to win the Tag Championships on four occasions. They were involved in an infamous incident when ECW fans joined them in the ring to celebrate their win, only for the ring to buckle and collapse under the excess weight. They were also the team that The Gangsta's jumped and attacked in their ECW debut. Public Enemy debuted in WCW on January 15th 1996. They had a brief one week run as WCW Tag Champions. The early days of Public Enemy!

FWA Revival
9th February 2002
King Of England Tournament Semi Final
Doug Williams vs Eddie Guerrero

From 2002 a one night tournament from the Crystal Palace Sports Arena in London, England where 8 competitors took part. This match was one of the semi finals pitting former TNA and ROH wrestler Doug Williams and the late great Eddie Guerrero! After being dismissed by WWE in November 2001 Eddie went on the indie circuit. He wrestled on the debut ROH show in a losing effort for the vacant IWA Puerto Rico Intercontinental Championship against Super Crazy. He did defeat CM Punk and Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match for the IWA-MS Championship in March 2002 before a short tour of Japan with NJPW. Eddie defeated UK wrestler Scott Parker before this match with Doug Williams. Doug defeated Flash Barker but succumbed to Jody Fleisch in the final.

And Finally.....

WCW Australia
Harley Race vs Ron Miller

Ending with this match from NWA Australia TV from 1977 (the date escapes me), here is Harley Race in his 2nd NWA Championship reign visiting Australia. He had a series of matches with Ronny Miller in Australia which all ended in draws, apart from this TV match.

Ron Miller toured USA with Larry O' Day as The Australians, winning the Tag Titles in NWA Florida and NWA Tennessee in 1971. Ron won Championships when he returned to Australia and is considered a legend in Australian wrestling. He did a tour of Japan with AJPW in 1982.

Harley Race being classy here in his match with Miller, his post match rant was pretty aggressive that's for sure!

That fellow wrestling fans concludes this weeks Scavenger Hunt! Another random batch for you to digest! You can check out past Scavenger Hunt posts by clicking here. Tell me what you think on Twitter! Click here to follow me and send me a tweet. Thanks for stopping by! Until next week, so long folks!
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