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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Would You Pay to See The Rock and Triple H at WrestleMania?

After The Rock's epic surprise during Raw, cameras caught up with The Rock visiting Triple H in Triple H's office. During their stroll down memory lane, reminiscing the days where one would outshine the other, the exchange became very tense. So tense in fact that a challenge was thrown down to which both men accepted: Any WrestleMania. Any Time. Any Place. Now the conversation could've been all in good fun but it did raise the question, The Rock vs. Triple H one more time, would you buy it?

As a teenager the one taboo thing for me to say was that I was a huge fan of Triple H. To the small number of friends I did have who watched wrestling it didn't make sense. Not because Triple H was a heel in a time where small aspects of the heel/face wrestling dynamic still existed, but because in their minds they believed the only reason Triple H was in that spot was because he married Stephanie McMahon and used that to get him into the main event. Fast forward to today and obviously that sentiment is most likely different but during a time where the Internet wasn't as easily accessible it's easy to fall victim to wrestling know-it-all tendencies.

One of my favorite things about Triple H though is how vastly underrated he was before he became The Game. Same could be said about The Rock who at the time was the leader of the Nation of Domination while Triple H captained the ship known as D-Generation X. Both groups would make a huge impact with epic matches and legendary skits like DX's parody of the Nation of Domination. All of this was cemented when The Rock faced Triple H in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. The match showcased the natural chemistry between these two young men hungry to steal the show and steal the show they did.

Both men would go on to have legendary and polar opposite careers with Triple H practically running things in WWE and The Rock becoming the highest paid actor in Hollywood according to Forbes. But in watching the video above you can't help but feel the electricity, no pun intended. The timing, the chemistry, the nostalgia. Now don't get me wrong no one is as anti-part time Rock as I am but this is something that at the end of the day would just be for fun and would not affect the product in any negative way. This is a guaranteed money maker if it were to come to fruition. No titles or locker room statuses are on the line and both men are first ballot hall of famers as the saying goes. So with nothing on the line, just one more dance for old time's sake, as the viewer would you buy in? We all know I would if it does happen. Plus it's only going to cost $9.99 so why the hell not?

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