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Saturday, August 9, 2014

HobosGhost's Scavenger Hunt - The Gangstas Aren't Afraid of Undertaker! (yes they are)

Hello everyone! Its time once again for the Scavenger Hunt with me, HobosGhost, bringing more weird and wonderful clips for your viewing pleasure! Once again 5 clips. Ready?

Carlos Colon vs The Great Kokina 

Kicking off with a match I planned to post two weeks ago, this is a match from I believe 1991 (hard to find a lot of information) from WWC in Puerto Rico between the top hero (and booker/co-owner) Carlos Colon and The Great Kokina AKA Yokozuna in his pre-WWE days. Rodney Anoa'i made his wrestling debut in 1984 after being trained by his Uncle Afa of the Wild Samoan fame. He worked in Puerto Rico in 1991 as well as for NJPW, the Mexican indie scene, and AWA as the Great Kokina, Giant Kokina, Samoan Kokina, and Kokina Maximus before debuting in the WWE in 1992 as the Japanese Sumo Wrestler Yokozuna. A typical match involving Carlos Colon, the hero in peril, bloody and the underdog, before eventually getting the win. Anoa'i sadly passed away aged 34 on October 23rd 2000 while on a wrestling tour in the UK. Anoa'i was posthumously inducted in the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2012. Colon was inducted in 2014. So here they are,one-on-one in a steel cage match!

Nattie Neidhart vs Amazing Kong 

 Here we have a match from Japan between WWE's Natalya and former TNA and WWE wrestler Amazing Kong. Natalya wrestled a two month tour of Japan starting in March 2005. Natalya started her career as a ring announcer in Eric Bischoff's youth led promotion MatRats in late 2000/2001 before working for her Hart Family's Stampede Wrestling. During her tour in Japan she had this match with Amazing Kong. Kong (Kia Stevens) trained at the School Of Hard Knocks in California before getting a tryout with All Japan Womens Pro Wrestling. Having battled the likes of Aja Kong and Ayako Hamada amongst others, Kong enjoyed 5 years in Japan between 2002-2007,before working (like Natalya) for Shimmer. A good little match here which involves a brawl in the crowd, both would go on to big acclaim for WWE and TNA respectively.

Mickie James vs Jillian Hall

Here is another women's match, this time a battle of the brands between Raw and Smackdown but on Ohio Valley Wrestling TV between Mickie James (Raw) and Jillian Hall (Smackdown) on November 16th 2005. Both Mickie and Jillian had a series of matches against each other in OVW in late 2004/early 2005 before both got called up to the main roster. What I like about this match is that Jillian gets to demonstrate how good a wrestler she was, something she didn't really get a chance to do on the main roster.The end of the match was a bit unexpected, cool nonetheless! Jillian wears the mask to hide her wart while she worked with JBL on Smackdown. Mickie would go on to become infatuated (in storyline) with Trish Stratus before defeating Trish at Wrestlemania 22 to win her first WWE Womens Championship.

Video quality not brilliant on this one, but thought I would include it anyway. It is the WWE/F debut of Demolition Ax And Smash,the early version if you will. Not only is the face paint totally hideous (what was the make up artist going for?) and not only is Johnny Valiant their manager, but this has the 1st Smash who was Randy Culley AKA Moondog Rex.This is taped on 5th January 1987 and aired on 17th January 1987. Barry Darsow would replace Culley soon afterwards and with some minor changes, Demolition would go on to be an intimidating tag team and longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in WWE history. A curious video nonetheless.

The Gangstas Promo Smokey Mountain Wrestling 

Leading up to a 6 man tag team match between The Gangstas (New Jack, Mustafa and D'Lo Brown) vs Bob Armstrong, Tracy Smothers and The Undertaker (due to a working agreement with WWE) on SMW TV on 15th April 1995. The Gangstas (along with 4th member "Killer" Mark Kyle) go to a graveyard to show "they ain't scared of The Undertaker and Paul Bearer". This is probably one of my favorite promo videos.It is pretty well known but thought I would include it regardless because it is cheesy, funny, and just brilliant. The Gangstas showing a comical side that was unusual at the time. After nearly causing riots by winding up the crowd, using fried chicken as a prop and via "Affirmative Action", and would win matches via a two count instead of a three count. It is great to see them show a comical side.

Well folks that does it for me for this week, there's your five bits of randomness to keep you going until next week! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all enjoy this weeks Scavenger Hunt like the other 4 weeks hunts! From me, HobosGhost, until next week..... So Long folks!

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