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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Power of Being A Wrestling Fan

By now you've probably read dozens of articles, tweets, and analysis regarding last night's Royal Rumble. You've read what Mick Foley and his son had to say, you may even read about it on TMZ, either way it's safe to say the entire world of wrestling seems to be negatively buzzing about what transpired last night at the Royal Rumble. If you are a wrestling fan who's been living under a rock for the past 18 or so hours I suggest you stop reading further because I certainly don't want to be blamed for spoiling the happenings for you. Now that that's out of the way lets boil this down. People are mad. People are mad because Batista won the Royal Rumble. They are mad Daniel Bryan wasn't even in the Royal Rumble. People are really really mad. I myself was annoyed. Why won't WWE give 95% of their audience what they wanted? Why would they risk bringing in such negative attention so close to the launch of the WWE Network?

Over the course of today I tried to find the bigger picture, understand why a multi-million dollar corporation who relies on the attention of their audience would want to push their fan base away. That's just it. They're in charge of a multi-million dollar business, not I. Creative heads such as the McMahons and Triple H rely on the passion and emotion exuded from fans negative and/or positive. It is what savvy wrestling fans and people behind the scenes call getting worked. A work in wrestling sense basically means anything planned to happen. The people in charge decided to have Batista win the Rumble, that was the plan all along. If you're simply a fan of wrestling you're not supposed to know when you are being worked, or else the whole idea of pro wrestling seems kind of silly. Of course in this day and age where dirt sheets and spoilers are just a click away, it's hard for the WWE to keep plans from spilling out. Furthermore it's harder to tell when something is a work or not. Is Daniel Bryan  being held down by the WWE the plan for something bigger?

Being the sort of glass half full type wrestling fan I am I've adopted the attitude of "lets just see where this goes". I don't jump to any conclusions when it comes to wrestling because again, I'm not in charge and it's not my millions of dollars to care about. There are fans who hate this mantra and understandably so. To them being optimistic in wrestling is a sign of complacence  even when fans are dealt a crappy hand. If we want the product to change we all must voice displeasure or the WWE will just cater to those who don't care either way. There's the explanation, we care. We care a lot.

When brainstorming for this piece my main goal was to make sense of everything. Once I could make sense of everything if I felt I was being duped as a wrestling fan I would just invest my time and energy into different areas in professional wrestling, not just WWE. I still can't make sense of anything, not one single aspect of what's going on. Maybe that's the point? Maybe I'm not supposed to make sense of it before any big pay off? Maybe I'm forgetting that I am just a fan and if I choose to watch or not that is simply my choice. What if Bryan still does get his moment to shine at Wrestlemania? Don't ask me how but the Elimination Chamber is before Wrestlemania and there has to be a World Title main event so who's to say WWE doesn't have this grand scheme cooked up for Daniel Bryan? Am I being worked? It's okay to feel jaded against WWE too. Like a puppet master they pull on our heart strings to make us do what they want because they know we'll always come back. Fans just need to keep in mind if they are dissatisfied with the product they can change it with the power of their voice. Don't care for another John Cena/Randy Orton match? Boo them. Boo them till they can't cut a promo or perform in a match. I don't see it as disrespect. If you're paying you're hard earn money in hopes to be entertained and you're not then speak up for yourself. If you find that you don't enjoy something or someone, simply don't watch. If more people feel the same as you and follow that lead, WWE will pay attention. If no one follows your footsteps then maybe it's a simple case of to each it's own. You can't please everyone so you have to take the good with the bad. Most importantly don't jump to conclusions. Wrestling changes hour by hour. Episodes of Raw and pay Per Views are known to be re-written almost a half an hour before the show begins. The only way to know if your investment in the WWE as a fan is a good one, you have to wait and see where it goes.

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