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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

9.30.13 The Raw Hangover

Hello everyone, here's another edition of The Raw Hangover. It isn't your typical recap post, it's where I share my thoughts on the most recent edition of WWE Raw and a place where you can share your own thoughts as well.

I liked how Raw kicked off unlike the other Raw episodes we've grown accustomed to seeing. Instead of the usual "How is Triple H going to use the roster like a slave owner", Raw began with "The Best in the World" CM Punk. He cut a pretty good promo (as if you'd expect anything less) and had a pretty decent match against Big E. Langston. I was really happy to see Langston being used and more so with a top guy like Punk. For all the rave that is Bray Wyatt and how he's "built like a tank with a Ferrari engine" I feel Langston is all that and maybe more. The man is seriously built like a giant brick-house and he can move as quick as a gazelle. In my mind whether heel or face, by now Langston should be a major player. His athleticism coupled with his natural charisma is a solid recipe for a star.

Last night we saw the debut of Los Matadores. If you don't know who they are it's basically Primo and Epico Colon dressed as bullfighters. It's one of those cheesy outdated super gimmicks that WWE tends to dish out with hopes it would catch on. They even attached a very well known chant used by a once popular independent wrestler who is now working for the WWE. I guess WWE thought since it's so hot right now and no one is actually using it let's give it to these guys. As trivial as it sounds to complain about a chant here's what bugs me, WWE would rather stick it with a cheesy tag team no one has ever heard of then use it (and who made it popular to begin with) to their advantage. I understand how WWE works, they want everything created in house so they have complete creative and revenue control over it but c'mon. It would get over really fast if they just took the easy way. Give the die-hard wrestling fans SOMETHING. Of course I could be lobbying for this and Sami Zayn could be the one who wanted a new identity to further push himself and his talent. I just hate the fact that WWE believes they can pull the wool over our eyes with stuff like this.

Back to the bullfighters.....

Los Matadores' entrance although over top, served it's purpose. Whether it was a good or bad analysis it got people talking. El Torito definitely saved the debuting gimmick from being foreshadowed into the depths of Saturday Morning Slam. Torito is goofy and somewhat hokey but it's all in good fun. As for the tag team itself their ring work didn't really do anything for me. To me it was just another tag team. They did nothing whether it be physical or psychological to set themselves apart from the other tag teams. Basically what is their bit? Why should we care for them as much as we care for the PrimeTime Players or the Usos? I'm not a huge fan of overdone outdated gimmicks but who knows, maybe they'll wow me next week.

Santino beat Antonio Cesaro. Now usually when Cesaro or the Real Americans as a team loses I am up in arms with all the other members of IWC but I must confess, I am a huge fan of Santino Marella. He is what pro wrestling at its core truly is, entertaining. Almost every time I watch a Santino match he does something that usually gets a laugh out of me. What's even better is his brand of comedy is not overdone, it's just right.

Boom bitch, you just got Dusty'd

Triple H and Stephanie gave an ultimatum to the Rhodes Family. If Cody and Goldust beat Seth and Roman of the Shield and they get their jobs back plus their father can keep his job. If they lose, NO ONE has a job. YES TO ALL OF THIS. First off, Cody and Dustin are teaming up. Two polar opposites of each other in every sense of the word teaming up to defend their family's honor. Dusty will be in the corner of his sons. The Shield haven't had a bad match since their debut and I don't think their momentum stops at Battleground. This is a perfect mixture of "real life" drama mixed in with the potential for a good fight. I'm sold.

Paul Heyman and Ryback's proposal segment was excellent. I knew he was going to ask him to be a Paul Heyman Guy. The execution of it and how it mocked the conventional proposal you'd see between two love birds made me laugh the whole time and it just shows the genius that is Paul Heyman and his ability to think outside of the box. Credit to Ryback as well who has vastly improved ever since he took on this bully gimmick and got paired up with Heyman. It was pretty easy to guess Punk was going to jump the two men from behind while his theme played to distract them. As soon as he went down from jumping over the guard rail I went "ut oh". I legitimately thought he hurt himself. I also thought how awkward it would be to injure yourself in that way as you're making your final attempt to sell the match for the PPV. I figured if Ryback jumps on Punk while he's down then it's definitely a work. He didn't and as the seconds passed, the situation looked worse and worse. Then he pulls out the kendo stick from under the ring and goes to town. WE WERE HOODWINKED. Not quite on the level of Mark Henry faking his retirement but good job nonetheless by Punk.

If this isn't funny to you, seek help.

Now for the face to face confrontation between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. It was a pretty good segment and it was really evident that Bryan is really starting to get comfortable on the mic. I enjoyed the fact that they're involving Brie Bella, Daniel's real life fiance, in the story. It's common sense. If Orton is supposed to play this evil heel with absolutely no remorse why not go after the love interest of your foe? People complaining that it can't work because Brie is a heel character need to stop. Since when do we care whether she's a heel or face? All of the sudden she gets used a tiny bit for the main angle and we're worried about what it does to her character? "BUT THE KAYFAAAABE!" Listen, kayfabe died the night The Kliq said goodbye to each other in Madison Square Garden. We were never supposed to know the good guys were friends with the bad guys just like we weren't supposed to know McMahon owned WWE and Triple H is married to Stephanie in real life. It's 2013. Kayfabe is so 90's.

As for the final showdown between Orton and Bryan I thought it was well done. In order to make Bryan's win for the title (if that happens) look really really legit they have to make it seem like he can't win. The guillotine DDT off the apron and RKO on the announce table did it's job better than anyone could have imagined. It was in front of Brie which adds the real life drama factor and it was just straight up evil, so it was basically Randy Orton doing what he does best.   

Final Thoughts:

I thought this was a pretty good go home show before Battleground. It sold me on the most important parts and gave me something new to look forward to. I fully expect Bryan to come out on top. If that's the case than we get a breath of fresh air from the darkness that is this New Corporation. If not, then I'd be disappointed but I'm already invested in this story. I've been so since Bryan got screwed at SummerSlam. If it doesn't go the way I want it to I still trust that WWE Creative knows what they're doing and maybe will add another twist to make it better.

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