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Monday, September 2, 2013 Interviews Buff Bagwell

Former WCW Superstar Buff Bagwell's exclusive interview with

Houston Wrestling Radio conducted an interview with Former WCW Superstar, Buff Bagwell this week in order to promote his upcoming appearance at the Clutch City Productions Sports and Celebrity Super Show convention happening on August 31. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On how he broke into the wrestling business:
Well a lot of people don't know this; I was a licensed massage therapist. My parents went bankrupt in 88', my senior year.So I was like, "well what am I going to do?" So I though maybe sports medicine. I liked sports and sports related things. So I finished school after 9 months. It was extremely hard with college level anatomy and physiology courses. But I went on and got it done. And then I found out that it was a girl or, no offence, gay looking guy, that makes money in massage. Women you literally walk in and see me and then cancel. And I thought being in shape and having my body would work but it didn't. Women would just say "oh he would kill me" and they would think that they would just get picked apart. And i understood, I just wish someone had told me that nine months before. In the middle of all that, Missy Hyatt saw me across the pool from my apartment. I lived in 1501 and she was in 1502 directly across. So, that night she knocked on my door and me and my wife let her in. She was embarrassed because she didn't know that I was married. She did ask "you do know who I am right?" and I said "I have no idea who you are." So she stared talking about this and that and talking about money. She said "I make $100,000 a year." And then I said, let's talk about this one more time. so i would up going to school for that, it was hard, I didn't like it. That was back in the day of breaking you in the hard way. I didn't like it but I stuck with it and here I am.

If he preferred wrestling tag matches:
Well they put me there first because there were too many guys trying to fight for that world championship and there wasn't a lot of talent that was fighting for the tag-team belts. Once they put me in there and once I learned it, I really loved tag team wrestling. It's overlooked, and that's ok, I don't care, but it is over looked that I was world tag team champion five different times with five different partners. That's a big deal. 2 Cold Scorpio was the first and Del Wilkes was my second. They were complete opposites. I had to adapt to each one of them to make a world champion. 

On his time in the nWo:
It was like being on a SuperBowl team that you knew was going to win. It was just the best. Once I was in that, there was no holding me back. I loved it. I really enjoyed all that time and I woulden't give it back for anything in the world. We had a great product and a great platform to build a character on. Nash built his on it. Scott Hall built his and X-Pac did. It was a great platform they had given us and we just had a blast. The favorite time in my wrestling career is nWo. 

On his neck injury in 1998 and subsequent story line:
Well believe it or not, the injury didn't turn into nearly the story line that I wanted it to. I broke my neck on national television. I said to Eric, "you need to have a camera on me showing my comeback." And he said "no that's bad karma." So he didn't do it. So three months later, I remember seeing Triple H tear his quad and the video package they had of him tearing it and making his comeback. It was like he had broke his neck. But he didn't. I broke my neck and I couldn't get Eric with a camera. So, I just came back. But Eric did a good job of keeping us together, me and Scottie.And I had to put Scottie over and at the same time I also got myself over. So it was a good time.

On his recent car accident and current state of health:
I've only been 100% for about four or five months. It was April of last year and it was on the exact same day as me breaking my neck the first time, fourteen years apart. I can't make this up. April 21st, 1998. Then April 21st, 2012 I break my neck again. So April 21st ain't good. I'm going to start bubble wrapping myself in April. 

On his upcoming appearance at the Clutch City Productions SuperShow in Houston on August 31st:
I got a big bag of merch that I always got with me. I've got some things that's cool that no one else has. Some things that are different. And I'm down to earth. I love this business. I love talking to fans. It's going to be a real good time. 

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