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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9.17.13 The Raw Hangover

Hello all and welcome to the first installment of The Raw Hangover. This isn't a normal recap of Raw, just highlighting important aspects of the show mixed in with my own opinions and possible predictions of what's to come in the future. As always your feedback is essential so whether you love or hate it don't be afraid to lend your voice.

On with the show....

I was very excited to see the new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan make his appearance on Raw. Even if we all knew what was coming it was still nice to see him get his moment to shine and credit the crowd for giving Bryan an amazing reception. I've said this before but I'll say it again, Bryan is a guy who legitimately looks like he's having the time of his life. It seems to me what wasn't given that much attention to (which means they'll probably scrap it) was the idea that Armstrong and Bryan being in cahoots together to give Bryan the title via a fast count finish. Bryan's anger toward the allegation could give off the idea that it really wasn't a plan of Daniel Bryan's but in fact a plan orchestrated by Triple H and his corporate coworkers to make sure Bryan isn't WWE Champion, even if it means Randy Orton not being champion as well. Firing Armstrong was a nice touch if you think about it. It gives off the impression that no one, from talent all the way down to ring crew, is safe from the wrath of the New Corporation. (not their real title. Just couldn't think of anything else to call them) Holding up the title for vacancy seems like a good idea to me, I just wouldn't want it to be vacant for too long. It's nice to give off the impression that the title is up for anyone's grasp but a show with a clear cut top guy to carry the show on his back if need be is important.

Ziggler's match with Dean Ambrose was solid. Does Ziggler getting a chance at the US Title do anything for him? Not really. He and Ambrose have been putting together great stuff so far so you kind of have to take the good and the bad with this one. Good: Solid wrestling from two young talents hitting their prime. Bad: US Title, like the other titles not named the WWE Title, is basically just a fancy little ornament for WWE.

Damien Sandow's stock with me is quickly falling. While I think he's doing a great job with his character I feel like he has no direction creative wise. Sure he holds the Money in the Bank briefcase but I just can't buy into him as a World Champion just yet. He's a mean, arrogant, smug jerk, but what separates him from the other heels? Take Orton for example, he's all the things listed above that are a great blueprint in creating a heel character and then some. Orton right now is straight up evil. Not "Legend Killer" evil but more so methodical, calculated evil. It's taking the blueprint for a good guy/bad guy character and giving it something that separates him from the others.

Speaking of evil Randy Orton....

"Oh Jesus I do not wanna see Miz on my T...HOLY SH!T HE'S GETTING ASS KICKED IN FRONT OF HIS PARENTS! LOVE IT!" As messed up as it sounds, last night was the first time I was into anything involving the Miz since he was auditioning for Tough Enough. Solid real life drama done right. And Miz's Dad no sold like like a champ. Great Stuff.

Apparently Paul Heyman has a new guy and his name is Ryback. Admittedly my mind wasn't as tuned in as it would with anything else Heyman does. I do enjoy this new "I'm not a bully but I'm really a bully" character development with Ryback, I just think if Heyman needed another trick up his sleeve my first choice wouldn't be Ryback.

Which leads me to CM Punk...

I mentioned this last night on Twitter that I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want CM Punk involved in this major corporate angle. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk fighting the oppressors of true wrestling, the ones who said they didn't belong and they would never make it. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?! However I quickly came to the conclusion that too many top stars in this angle could be more harm than good. In the midst of all this controlled chaos, there needs to be one clear antagonist and one clear protagonist. As someone stated on Twitter, it's nice to see Punk keeping busy on the back burner for a bit. If you need to build him back to the top it'll come off as not necessarily new but a nice breath of fresh air. Someone painted a mental picture of what a cohesive Punk-Bryan tandem could look like and I thought it was brilliant:

@Stuttsy: "Mega Powers handshake with Bryan. Bank on it."
I don't think it'll happen but if it did, I believe the IWC and casual wrestling fans would simultaneously combust creating a Wrestling Big Bang explosion. It can be done because I have scripted every possible scenario in my head. All WWE has to do is do it right.

Possibly the one lasting memory of last night's Raw was the business proposition Stephanie McMahon had for Dusty Rhodes. Choose between the son that has done the Rhodes name proud, or the son that has never really had the chance to. Let me just state that I would unapologetically kiss the ground that Dusty Rhodes walks on if given the chance. Sure there's Flair and there's Austin but they'll never ever be another Dusty. When that man speaks on that mic I get goosebumps every single time. He has the ability to connect with the people he identifies himself as, the common man. Last night was no different. This wasn't Dusty Rhodes the wrestler, it was Dusty Rhodes the father. Sure his work probably took him away from his sons a lot but I'm sure he's damn proud of them. Never could I have imagined in 2013 we'd be talking about the possibility of Cody Rhodes and Goldust being apart of a major angle in WWE. Now the situation with Big Show, The Shield, Stephanie, and Dusty was one of the most heart wrenching segments for me as a wrestling fan in quite some time. If there ever was a perfect time for Show to do his crying schtick it was right there. Choose between your job or knock out an icon of this business, someone you love and respect. Show hugs Dusty then tells him he's sorry but he has to do it. Dusty goes from confused to accepting his fate and then it happens. Show lands a punch and before Dusty hits the ground Show catches him in his arms. Tragically heartbreaking yet beautiful at the same time. That moment right there was WWE doing what it does better than anyone. Perfect amount of drama in the storytelling that is wrestling. I found myself having a hard time forgetting about it but it made me fall in love with wrestling all over again. The drama made sense and as a 27 year old man I didn't feel stupid for being emotionally invested into it.

Last night's main event between Roman Reigns of the Shield and Daniel Bryan was excellent. We got to see that Reigns actually can handle his own and work well with other people. He played off his power at perfect times and showcased the intensity of Bryan when he was on the defense. Good job Roman.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the uprising began...

After the whole Dusty thing I was waiting for someone, anyone to say enough. Enough of the walking around eggshells and kissing corporate ass. We got that and more. If you felt Raw was lackluster even you can't deny that the entire episode was saved as soon as the calvary came. The casual fan in me was able to enjoy this by screaming at my TV as if somehow my voice carried me into battle with the locker room. The good guys won the battle last night and they hoisted their general on their shoulder. The Cleveland crowd (Bravo you guys) and the fans at home became one and even if it was just one small victory it was fun. Amazing way to close the show.

Final Thoughts:

While viewing last night's program I notice a lot of dissatisfaction amongst some wrestling fans. While I totally understand the concept of to each it's own, I feel like the negativity has masked some from ever enjoying the show. If you go into anything, whether it be an angle or the show as a whole with a negative attitude how will you find the enjoyment? Sure this sort of thing with an oppressed corporate regime has been done a bunch of times but look at how it's being done now! There's a reason WWE and continuity don't go together. They don't want you holding any sort of angle up to a standard. They want you to enjoy what's happening now and geek out when subtle nostalgic aspects of pro wrestling work in this modern era. It's easy to pick out those who buried things before they even began. They nit-pick at trivial things like Big Show crying or the disappearance of his "iron-clad" contract. If you think Big Show is really broke after working for the WWE for 14 or so years then I want you to shut off the TV. Have fun with this! It's the first time in a very long time there has been a damn near perfect mixture of drama and solid action. If you don't like this then what do you like?

Thank you for taking the time to read this week's Raw Hangover. Please if you have any questions or opinions on the show or this post voice them! You can comment below, send me a message on Facebook, or send me a tweet on Twitter. I'll be back later on this week with Brendan for a new edition of the Piledriver Podcast. We will also be interviewing "The King of Swerve" Shane Strickland. He's a rising star on the indy scene so you're not gonna want to miss this!  

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