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Saturday, June 1, 2013 Sits Down With Big Poppa Pump SCOTT STEINER!

Scott Steiner exclusive interview with

This weekend Scott Steiner was in attendance at Houston, Texas' annual Comicpalooza convention where he had a quick exclusive interview with Here are some of the highlights:

On how he was liking his trip to Houston for Comicpalooza: 
Yeah I've been in Texas a lot of times through the years with WCW and WWE. I know the area pretty good. Houston is a good wrestling town. But as far as... well I've been taking pictures of some of these guys at Comicplooza; it's pretty humorous. I saw two people yesterday in actual underwear; outside their clothes. It was for some character I've never seen before. So I gotta take a picture. As long as they're having fun. I guess they don't have a mirror in their house, ya know.

On how he has been since the infamous surgery in Pureto Rico:
You know, I'm still numb. They basically sliced me in half: with my lat, they went though my lung to open me up then they sewed up the trachea. It's still numb and sore. It takes time but I don't know how long. I don't know if it'll ever go away, the numbness. but it's fine. I won't be winning any bodybuilding contests with a half a lat.

On still competing in the ring:
I'm still taking bookings. That's what I do; I beat people up. When they stop paying me to beat people up, then I'll stop.

Update on his brother Rick Steiner and wrestling along side him:
He's doing good actually. He hasn't wrestled on tv but we're actually going to the UK Wednesday. We have two matches in the UK then one in Amsterdam. Yeah I think the match in Amsterdam starts at 4:20. What are you laughing for? I know what the f*** I'm saying! 

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