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Friday, May 31, 2013 Sits Down With New ROH Superstar ACH

ACH exclusive interview with

Recently signed Ring of Honor superstar, ACH, had an exclusive interview with to promote this weekend's ROH show in San Antonio where he will be having a match with Jay Lethal in what's to be a homecoming of sorts for the Texas native. Here are some of the highlights:

On what he was a fan of when he was younger:
I started watching wrestling right around the time when Hulk Hogan went Hollywood. I was a big WCW fan growing up. I was not a WWF fan growing up. All the kids going to school would be talking about "oh Stone Cold did this and Vnice blah blah blah" and I was just like "I guess". I was really into WCW. I was one of those kids and it sucked. You watch it now and it's like "Good god! I Was a fan of this!" But back then it was the world to me! I liked Ultimo Dragon, Diamond Dallas Page. One I liked was Glacier. It was the entrance, man! Around that time, with Mortal Kombat, it was like watching Sub-Zero the wrestler!

On the inspirations for his unique in-ring style:
A lot of my ideas come from my childhood. Wrestling was banned in my house. I think a lot of kids go through that phase where mom or dad say "no wrestling," well mostly moms. But wrestling was banned for my childhood for certain periods of time. and I was always heavily into superheros and video games. And I've always had a big imagination. i guess that has a lot to do with my personality. But my imagination is probably my biggest influence. And mostly DragonBall Z as well. I couldn't name one in particular wrestler and say "oh this is the guy I patter myself off of." I want to do something in a class of my own. I want to be different. So i try to not pattern myself after anyone. I try to have my own unique style. So I used things other people didn't use like video games like DragonBallz. Like when I used to do the Liu Kang kicks. I actually tried it and it actually worked. Or like that move "Up, Over and Gone," that's from Sonic. I love Sonic, man! 

On the differences from the Texas indy scene and wrestling in the other parts of the US:
In Texas everything is a little more vocal as far as fan interaction. Like you can not be the best, you could be the worst wrestler in the world in Texas and people will still love for being funny. But in the East coast and most places they really appreciate the wrestling part of wrestling. They want to see you wrestle, they want to see your work-rate. They want to see if you can wrestle before they accept anything else. But everybody is different. I've always had a a really weird connection with the people. It why alot of people came into liking me. Because when I'm out there I have so much fun it's like one big party and everyone wants to join in. You gotta have fun at work. I think its a lot harder to get over in the East Coast. I've wrestled in front of harsh crowds like CZW where they're used to blood and guts. Sometimes you go out there being funny and it's not what they want to see. They have to warm up to you. And if they don't warm up to you they'll just destroy you; they'll eat you alive every time they get a chance to.

On who he would like to have brought along with him to RoH from the Texas indy scene:
There's a lot of guys back home that deserve it. just to name a few there's guys like Jaykus Plisken, Jasper "The Hammer" Davis, Bolt Brady. There's a lot of guys back here that deserve the national spot. Who I feel personally, should be doing bigger, better things.

On who he looks forward to competing against on the Ring of Honor roster:
Well that question is already going to be answered with Jay Lethal this Saturday. But Jimmy Jacobs is one of them. Eddie Edwards is another. Rodrick Strong was on my list as well but I got to do that in Cincinnati and I really enjoyed the match. Also with Elgin. Kevin Steen is one of them. To be honest, the whole roster. The whole roster is stacked. I'm just working my way down the list it seems like. There's just so many talented guys and so many styles and i really want to go in there and be pushed to my limit and push them to their's as well. Oh my goodness with Shelton Benjamin it would be like Michael Jordan going one-on-one with Kobe in my opinion. In my eyes he's my hero.

On his big homecoming match with Jay Lethal on Saturday in San Antonio:
I'm speechless, man. To me this is the homecoming of all homecomings. It's right up the road form where I went to high school. My old stomping grounds I guess you could say. I'm most definitely looking forward to it. When I left Texas, to further my career, whenever I come back, I always look at it like giving back. this match with me versus Jay Lethal is a dream match to a lot of people. And Ring of Honor doing it in my hometown is like the best gift I can give to these guys in Texas. It's the best thing I can give them.  It's a token of my appreciation to say "thank you guys" for supporting me all those years that i was here going through those hard times. I literally use the people of Texas to uplift me I use them as my motivation to better myself. this is a gift to the great people of San Antonio and the entire state of Texas. I'm looking forward to it.

His idea for a new catchphrase the fans can do when he performs his finisher:
Whenever you see me go the "ACH Big Bang Attack" which is a Cradle DDT, my dream, and we need to put this out there on social networking, whenever people see me go for that move, I want the whole crowd to go "It's over 9000!" I want that! That is my dream chant! I've been wanting to get that out there for a very long time and now I finally get to put that out there!

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