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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Website Update: Making Things a Little Bit Easier

I know the site as been inactive for some time but I am currently spending time with lost family members and in my eyes that is of more importance than the site at this moment. I am not shutting down the site or discontinuing the podcast. I enjoy what I do and I finally have found something I want to be the best at. I've found my niche so to speak. I hope to record episode 7 sometime this weekend and go into more detail but here are some ideas I've been throwing around in my head. Bottom line is I want the podcast to be the focal point of what I do and have the print aspect of the site to be an added bonus. I won't always record an episode every week. To me it seems doing that can be a bit redundant. Most wrestling fans who listen to podcasts and read news on the net do stay up with Raw, Smackdown, and Impact so what's the point of recapping what we've already watched? I want to spend more time getting my thoughts and opinions out there and hearing more of your opinions as well. That is more important to me, what wrestling fans think.

I've went ahead and made even easier for fans to hear the podcast by starting a YouTube account. YouTube is definitely easier, everyone uses YouTube. First episode uploaded is the most recent, Episode 6 talking about Wrestlemania 29 and the now legendary crowd the following night in the IZOD Center. Every episode from now on will be uploaded on YouTube (and Podomatic) from now on. You can subscribe to the channel here: The Wrestling Chronicle YouTube Page. Of course in due time maybe they'll be some videos from any live events I attend.

I'll still active on Twitter and Facebook and when things die down personally you'll probably see more editorial/opinion based articles and such. As always if you would like to contribute to TWC just contact me through Facebook or Twitter and I'll tell you where to submit your work.

As always if you have questions, comments, or info you want to get plugged on the podcast you can email me If you are someone who runs an independent wrestling organization, website, blog, magazine, or even if you are a fan who frequents a local organization email with all available information and I'll plug it FOR FREE!

Thanks for all the patience and understanding,
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