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Monday, February 25, 2013


Tonight's Raw from Dallas, Texas starts off with Mr. McMahon hobbling down to the ring in crutches. He says now that the road to Wrestlemania is underway Raw needs to be better and bigger. He says it starts tonight with a fight between him and Paul Heyman. Mr. McMahon calls out Paul Heyman who is dressed in street clothes. Heyman says he has seen Mr. McMahon beat different wrestling promoters and even seen McMahon beat congress, but he won't be able to defeat Paul Heyman tonight. Heyman spats a couple more insults before hitting McMahon with a take down. He grabs a crutch a strikes Vince over the back. He goes for a second strike but McMahon blocks it. Vince hits him in the stomach with the bottom end of the crutch the strikes him over the back as well. As McMahon goes to capitalize teh music of Brock Lesnar hits and the beast makes his way into the ring. He stares McMahon down and right when he is about to pounce the music of HHH hits and The Game returns! He slowly and methodically walks down to the ring and when he gets to the bottom of the ramp Lesnar jumps out and the two begin to brawl. Sometime in the exchange HHH sends Lesnar to the ring post which causes a big gash on his head. There's blood everywhere as the two keep brawling and Brock hits a modified Attitude Adjustment on the announce table. Both men re-enter the ring where a back and forth exchange leads to HHH getting the upper hand and Lesnar, a bloody mess, retreating to the back. Great way to set up their match at Wrestlemania 29.

Back from commercial break with Ryback and Dolph Ziggler set to battle each other. The beginning of the match is basically Ryback tossing Dolph like he's a rag doll. Ziggler finally gets some offense going thanks to an interference from Big E Langston. The offense only lasted a short while and even a distraction from AJ Lee wasn't enough for Dolph getting beat by Shellshock. Ryback wins via pin.

Back from commercial break and CM Punk comes down to the ring. He says tonight people in attendance and those watching at home will witness history. Tonight is the end as well as the beginning. Tonight is not about a match, John Cena, or The Rock. Not even about Wrestlemania. Tonight is about CM Punk taking his place in the main event. This promo is as "me, me, me, me, me" as you can get. He even goes as far as to call himself God.

WWE announces the 2013 Hall of Fame Celebrity inductee Donald Trump. Yup.

We're back from commercial and Mark Henry and the Great Khali set to face off. We've seen this match before, I doubt it's different. I will say Henry walking around the ring with Khali in his arms before delivering the World's Strongest Slam was pretty impressive. Henry wins via pin.

The Miz comes down to the ring to get ready for a Miz TV with guests Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio. Colter wastes no time taking a jab at Glenn Beck. He goes on to talk about illegal immigrants and how they take our jobs and stuff. Del Rio argues back that America is the greatest country on Earth and the reason why is because it doesn't to one single person but to everyone which is why he is here, it's the land of opportunity. The quiet Jack Swagger simply says, "We will see you at Wrestlemania, WE THE PEOPLE." Swagger and Colter exit.

Back from commercial and we are ready to go with Randy Orton taking on Antonio Cesaro. It was a fairly quick match. Neither man was really ahead of the other. The finish came with Cesaro attempting a European uppercut from the second rope but Orton countered right into an RKO, pretty cool. Winner via pin Randy Orton.

Backstage Team Hell No look on. Bryan says that for Team Hell No to defeat the Primetime Players the have to let their issues go. Bryan suggests that for their match, Kane just stays in the corner because Bryan can defeat PTP, even blindfolded. Kane suggests Daniel take his own advice because he could take PTP with one arm tied behind his back. Vickie Guerrero and her assistant brad Maddox interrupt the bickering tag team to inform them that their tag match will indeed be with Bryan blindfolded and one arm tied behind Kane's arm.

A snappy dressed Sheamus makes his way down to a red carpeted ring. He talks about how much a movie fan he is and how he was excited for the Oscars. He tells us how he's also excited to see Wade Barrett make his acting debut in Dead Man Down. He shows a clip of Wade Barrett's part of the movie but it's just Wade in the back, out of focus, and silent. I think that's his whole part. Kinda funny. Wade Barrett comes down to the ring and says while he's on a real red carpet for the premiere for Dead Man Down Sheamus will just be sitting in some irish pub. The two trade some insults and Wade goes for the Bullhamer but Sheamus ducks and attempts the Brogue kick but Wade exits through the ropes.

Back from commercial and Cody Rhodes is in the ring to take on R-Truth. This is Truth's first match quite some time, he was out with injury. Pretty non eventful match. Truth wins via pinfall. As soon as the ref counts three Damien Sandow is in the ring looking to pummel Truth but gets the tables turned on him.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler show us a new Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter video, this one on the topic of jobs.

Back from commercial and a one armed Kane and a blindfolded Daniel Bryan are in the ring to take on the Primetime Players. Daniel Bryan's performance in this match was excellent. Kane comes in off a blind tag and even with one arm, cleans house. He hits Darren Young with a choke slam to pick up the win for Team Hell No.

Back from commercial and Raw recaps the events from earlier tonight. The Shield comes from the crowd ready to speak. They say WWE could bring an army and they would never defeat The Shield. They run through of all the Superstars they dropped and in retrospect, it's a pretty impressive list. Just then Sheamus enters at the top of the stage and says if The Shield's looking for a fight then why don't they go fight him. After a while Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose make their way to Sheamus while Seth Rollins hangs back in the ring. Out of the crowd comes Randy Orton who blindsides Rollins with a hit and run RKO. Orton retreats back into the crowd and celebrates with the WWE fans.

Back from and commercial with Jack Swagger in the ring ready for his match against The Miz. This match came about due to a blind attack from Swagger on The Miz after their segment during the commercial break. As Michael Cole stated, with Zeb Colter by he side Jack Swagger is more aggressive, more focused. Swagger is in control for the majority of the match but Miz did catch fire. However Miz leg gets caught in the ropes and it wrenches his knee. After Miz is freed from the ropes Swagger chop blocks him from behind. He locks in the Patriot Act and Miz is forced to tap out. Winner via submission Jack Swagger.

John Cena is interviewed by Josh Matthews backstage. He hypes his match tonight vs. CM Punk.

The Main Event of the night comes and you can just feel like this match had big fight written all over it. Forgive the lack of recap but Cena and Punk just have this chemistry when they do battle it's magic. Tonight was no exception. John Cena and CM Punk brought everything and more into tonight's match. Both men just went at it and not in a brawling fashion, ladies and gentlemen John Cena wrestled. Not only did they wrestle but dammit this match maybe our next Wrestling Classics episode. That good. Anyway Cena picked up the win via pinfall. He out of nowhere hits this semi botched Frankensteiner which dazed Punk and then he hoisted Punk and brought him down with the Attitude Adjustment.

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