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Monday, February 11, 2013


Tonight's Raw kicks off with Paul Heyman standing in the middle of the ring. He says tonight is the last night we are ever going to see him. He tells us about how he's done nothing but great things like ECW, bringing in Brock Lesnar, and mentoring CM Punk into greatness. He says now however, he's becoming a distraction to CM Punk. He also says the one thing he will not miss is the WWE Universe. He says he loves CM Punk but he will not stand in his way, he needs to be focused and he says his goodbyes. CM Punk comes out with a puzzling look on his face. "Paul what''re you doing?" asks Punk. Heyman says Vince McMahon's perception of him and McMahon blaming him for Brad Maddox and The Shield and that what Vince McMahon did to screw him at the Rumble will be nothing compared to what he'll do next. Punk refuses and says after Sunday when he beats The Rock everything will go back to normal, they are a team. Paul says Punk is right and he will be in his corner. They both share a loving embrace as Heyman whispers "You are the best in the world" into CM Punk's ear. A Sort of bizarre segment that's for sure.

We come back from commercial break with The Great Khali in the ring dancing. Mark Henry's music hits as these two get set for battle. Khali surprisingly starts the match with some offense. A majority of this match doesn't leave a corner of the ring. The match is over in a matter of five minutes after Henry hits the World's Strongest Slam. He initially left the ring but went back in and delivered the WSS to Hornswoggle.

We cut back from commercial with Booker T. and Teddy Long backstage discussing the Elimination Chamber match. Chris Jericho cuts in and says he would like to be apart of the match. Booker T. says if he wants in the match he's going to have to impress him. He'll have to do so in a match against Daniel Bryan. We then cut to the office of GM Vickie Guerrero. She is on the phone when Paul Heyman comes knocking at her door. She hangs up and asks Paul what he wants. He's simply asking if a stipulation can be added to the match, that being that if The Rock gets disqualified or counted out he will lose his WWE Championship. Just then a recuperating Vince McMahon phones Vickie. Before she could see what The Boss wants, Heyman hijacks the phone call. He requests that the stipulation be added to the match. McMahon grants his wish and asks that he put it in writing.

We get back to the ring as Daniel Bryan makes his way down and after commercial break Jericho does the same. The match starts off with some old school catch and shoot style wrestling with both men not allowing the other to get the upper hand. The action spills outside as Jericho missed a springboard dropkick to the outside and Bryan hits a suicide dive. After the commercial break the action resumes back in the ring. Still at this point neither man has the upper hand, this is turning into a great match. Jericho stops a top rope attack but is countered when going into the super-plex and Bryan hits a diving headbutt but only gets a 2 count for his efforts. After some strikes Jericho is able to apply the Walls of Jericho. Bryan reverses it and is able to apply the No-Lock. Jericho then counters and re-applies Walls of Jericho but is countered once again and grounded after a strong kick to the head. After some back and forth Jericho ht the Code Breaker out of nowhere to get the win and secure his spot for the Elimination Chamber.

We come back from commercial with 3MB in the ring ready for their match against Sheamus, Ryback, and John Cena. Ryback starts things off against Heath Slater. After power-slamming Slater Ryback tags Sheamus and Slater tags in Drew McIntyre. After delivering clubbing blows on the apron Sheamus tags Cena and Mahal gets the tag rom McIntyre. After Cena hits the 5 knuckle shuffle every participant is in the ring. All of the faces in their signature moves in unison and Cena picks up the 3 count. Afterward each face cuts a quick promo on the Shield and their match at Elimination Chamber.

We get a quick recap of the prank Alberto Del Rio played on the Big Show this past Friday on Smackdown. Alex Riley and Yoshi Tatsu both are having a laugh at Show's expense when he comes out of nowhere and clobbers both men.

We come back from commercial break and the Big Show makes his way down to the ring. Matt Striker is also in the ring and as he begins with "Big Show do you feel..." Show decks him and knocks him out cold. After a long silence Big Show exits the ring.

We get a recap of the announcement of the induction of Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Back from commercial and Zack Ryder is in the ring for his match with Jack Swagger who comes out to the ring accompanied by Dutch Mantell (!) who Swagger says his a long time friend. The match itself was pretty quick with Swagger on offense for the majority of the match. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder but he gets caught and Swagger power bombs into the corner turnbuckle. After a gut wrench power bomb Swagger locks in the Patriot Act and gets the win via submission. After the match Mantell cuts a promo about America and yeah it wasn't that memorable.

Cut to backstage and Booker T. announces Jack Swagger is in the Elimination Chamber. Dolph Ziggler along with AJ and Big E. Langston interrupt Booker and Dolph says even though he relinquished his spot in the chamber match, if Jericho is in it then so is he. Booker says that's fine but for him to get his spot back he would have to defeat Kane.

Coming to the ring is the Miz who will be facing Cody Rhodes tonight. Antonio Cesaro is on commentary for the match as well. Cody Rhodes seems to be just as good a singles competitor as he is in a tag team. After some back and forth action, both men spill to the outside. Before Cesaro could interfere Miz catches him with a boot to the face. As Miz was continuing his offense on Rhodes, Cesaro grabs Miz and slams him into a ring post giving the DQ win to Cody Rhodes. Cesaro keeps pounding on Miz and even goes as far as continuously swinging Miz's body into the barricade outside.

Back from commercial and we have Primo & Epico vs. Brodus Clay & Tensai. It was a good match possibly debuting a new tag team. Brodus and Tensai have good flow in the ring together and pick up the win with Tensai hitting the splash. They dance in the ring as we fade to commercial.

Back from commercial and The Shield make their way from the crowd to the ring. Dean Ambrose is on the mic first and says the Shield's job is to protect the WWE from atrocities. Rollins says when the Shield they do it through action. Roman Reigns says if they want the Shield then to come out there. They say John Cena has been living in his own little bubble and he doesn't see that for the past decade he has been the problem, and the Shield is the solution. Both men drop the mic and wait for John Cena. After no answer the lights go out. When they come back on the Shield is getting a beat down from Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus. Before the Shield could retreat the faces cut them off and give them a beat down through the crowd.

After a recap of what took place at the beginning of Raw, Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring. He gets some real heat from the Nashville crowd by making fun of country music. He takes on World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. In a surprisingly quick match for both men who are slower paced in the ring, Del Rio wins via submission with the cross arm breaker. Afterward, Del Rio says indeed the time for talking is over and he doesn't care where Big Show goes, cause after Sunday Del Rio is going to Wrestlemania.

We cut to Wade Barrett walking backstage to the ring for his match against Kofi Kingston but out of nowhere Bo Dallas attacks Barrett and lays a beat down into him until officials separate both men.

The match begins with heavy strikes from Kofi. Barrett fires back and just pounds into Kofi. Kofi hits a jawbreaker and it's all Kofi till he gets caught with a sidewalk slam. Barrett looks to rebound with the Bullhammer but Kofi ducks and goes for Trouble in Paradise but Wade ducks that and heads outside. As Kofi goes after Barrett he grabs the ring apron and covers Kofi. Barrett backs up and hits the Bullhammer on a blinded kingston. He rolls him back into the ring and gets the 3 count.

Kane makes his way to the ring for his match against Dolph Ziggler. The winner gets the final spot in the Elimination Chamber. A well balanced match on both sides. Kane kicked out of some major spots and we saw some pretty creative counters from Dolph. As Kane was making his way to the top rope AJ tried to be a distraction. Ziggler ducked the move but as he was bouncing off the rope he bumped AJ off the apron into the arms of Big E. The momentary distraction allowed for Kane to hit the chokeslam and get the win. Kane gets the final spot in the Elimination Chamber match.

After a pretty cool promo video about the Elimination Chamber, WWE Champion The Rock makes his way down to the ring. The Rock says Nashville is a very special place and right now is story time with The Rock. Rock says in 1987 he and his family moved to Nashville. He tells the story of how he signed up for HS football due to his large size. He tells the story of a crackhead coming into a bar asking if anyone wanted to buy a car. Rock, 15 at the time, actually purchase the car for $75. As the Rock is driving the car he says another crackhead was sleeping in the backseat. He kicks the person out then ponders if the car is stolen. Instead of reporting the car to police he parked it at a Burger King parking lot and walked back to the bar. Moral of the story is to never buy a car from a crackhead and don't be like the Rock at 15. He shares stories of wrestling at Nashville Fairgrounds for $40 a night. Then CM Punk interrupts the Rock. The Rocks lays out what he plans on doing to CM Punk at a Elimination Chamber. CM Punk and Paul Heyman make their way down to the ring and after a brief pause Punk charges the ring. Rock gets the upper hand as he hits Punk with heavy strikes. Punk reverses and retaliates with strikes of his own. He goes to irish whip The Rock but he reverses into a spine buster. He sets up for the People's Elbow but Paul Heyman trips him up. As he comes to Punk hits the GTS. After a brief pause Punk leaves with Rock's title and celebrates his small victory as we fade to black.

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