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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Pros and Cons of The Rock Being WWE Champion

The decision to have former champion CM Punk drop his title to The Rock has sparked a heated debate between casual fans and die-hard ones. On one hand many fans feel a sense of nostalgia when they see The Rock hoist the strap over his head just as he did many times during the height of his popularity and the popularity of the WWE as a whole. On the other hand many die-hard fans do not like The Rock as a top guy in the WWE. Many feel since The Rock chose to take his talents to Hollywood he should not be allowed to be considered champion because we all know we are on borrowed time when it comes to The Rock.

Perhaps the biggest piece of evidence to support The Rock as champion being a good idea would be the ratings that this past RAW brought in. Over 5 million people tuned into RAW the night after Royal Rumble, its best rating since RAW 1000. Second, and probably easiest to figure out, The Rock puts butts in seats. Arenas hosting PPVs, RAW, or Smackdown, if they advertise The Rock to be apart of the show you can bet the arena will sell out 9 times out of 10. In part the reason people seem to flock back to the WWE whether live or on TV is because it brings them back to the time when the now casual fan was a die-hard fan. It would be no different if Stone Cold Steve Austin decided to lace up his boots and give it a go one more time. They see these guys from their childhood relive moments of glory and vicariously remember what it was like back then. In a sense if The Rock is a top guy just the way he was during the height of the Attitude Era maybe there's a chance those days return.

On the other hand giving The Rock the title hasn't sparked this much controversy in quite some time. Even if CM Punk is considered a heel where it's basically his job to make fans hate him, you cannot deny the fact that many wrestling enthusiasts absolutely love Punk. Reason why? In every facet of professional wrestling Punk is a star. In the ring when was the last time CM Punk had a bad match? On the mic it shouldn't even be questioned. But why was it a bad idea to have CM Punk drop the title to The Rock? It's simply because of the known and unknown. Wrestling fans know that The Rock will eventually drop the title and we know if it isn't at the next PPV it'll be at Wrestlemania. What we don't know is what would've happened if WWE had invested more into CM Punk's historic title reign. Just as this one thing that is so different from what WWE usually does began to pick up steam it gets ripped out from under us for a quick pay off. I have the utmost respect for The Rock and his talent is without question however, it's tough for me to get behind him simply because I know he will be leaving, soon. Guys like Punk, Cesaro, Barrett, and even John Cena put there bodies on the line for 250-300 days a year, no moaning, complaining or time off whenever they want. The Rock decides to come in, say a couple catchphrases, and instantly should be embraced as a wrestler? This is why this decision is somewhat controversial. You take away the legitimacy of the past 434 days where wrestling was key, not catchphrases. You take away the science behind the evolution of a character like Punk for cheap pops for words like cookie puss and twinkie tits. Is this what the WWE has become?

The Rock is a phenomenal talent, there is no doubt about that. He still has the uncanny ability to simply walk out to the ring and and have all eyes on him. However I feel WWE doesn't understand how much the die-hard wrestling fan has evolved. We know not to invest too much emotion into this title reign because just like everything else, it'll be over pretty soon.
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