Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of 3/30/15

Here are the Indy Power Rankings for the week of 3/30/15.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: On Crowds and Divas

Written by: The Masked Mark

So last night was the Raw after Mania.  This is usually one of the best shows of the year. The crowd is still hot from WrestleMania and add a level of excitement rarely seen. The wrestlers are still in Mania mode. The magic is in the air.

Monday, March 30, 2015

WrestleMania 31 Results and Review

Here's a quick recap and match by match review, starting with the Kickoff Show, of WrestleMania which was held in Levi's Stadium in California.

Friday, March 27, 2015

HobosGhost's Scavenger Hunt - WWE Hall of Fame Special!

Hello everyone and welcome to a special WWE Hall Of Fame edition of the Scavenger Hunt with me Simon AKA HobosGhost on Twitter! Each week I compile five clips from the world of wrestling for you to take a look at! Let's take a look at some of the Hall Of Famers in less familiar matches shall we!

NWA Championship Wrestling From Florida
NWA Florida Tag Team Championship Match
Sheepherders vs Cuban Connection

Kicking off with a NWA Florida Tag Title TV match as The Sheepherders AKA The Bushwhackers take on the Cuban Connection! Butch Miller and Luke Williams have travelled the world wrestling for promotions such as AJPW, NJPW, UWF, NWA and Stampede wrestling before becoming the kid friendly Bushwhackers in WWE. Butch Miller has had serious health problems in recent years while Luke Williams still wrestles at 68 years old on the indie scene. Typical quick TV match, a lot of blood which may have been a tad unnecessary and check out the flag carrier as it's Johnny Ace AKA John Laurinaitis!

27th November 1982 (Broadcast Date)
Don Muraco vs Curt Hennig

Here we have the first of two appearances of The Magnificent Don Muraco as he takes on fellow Hall Of Famer Curt Hennig! Taped for an edition of WWE All Star Wrestling, the rookie Hennig started in AWA before spending over two years with WWE. His return to AWA would be the real start to his career as AWA looked to build him as one of their top stars. With the seventh longest AWA Heavyweight Championship reign in the companies history and being regarded as one of the best in ring performers, Curt Hennig would have been celebrating his 56th birthday this week on 28th March. His son Joe is running wild as Curtis Axel in WWE and his daughter Amy Hennig was trained and wrestled for Harley Race at MLW back in 2009/10.
Don Muraco was involved in the infamous cage match vs Jimmy Snuka which inspired Mick Foley to take up wrestling. Muraco was also the wrestler who ended both of Pedro Morales Intercontinental Championship reigns. Muraco vs Hennig just as their WWE careers were beginning!

Road Warrior Animal vs Mean Mark Callous

Strangely couldn't find a date for this match but anyway here is one half of the Road Warriors/Legion Of Doom Animal taking on Mean Mark Callous on NWA Power Hour! Mean Mark is of course The Undertaker back in his NWA/WCW days. The Road Warriors were in a feud with Callous and Dan Spivey AKA The Skyscrapers around this time with the feud ending in a Chicago Street Fight.

The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering would debut for WWE in 1990 after leaving WCW and went on to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam. Hawk would quit WWE in 1992 while Animal took time off to deal with injury. Another 2 year run between 1997-1999 brought a second Tag Title reign. Animal overpowering Mean Mark Callous, Hall Of Famer vs future Hall Of Famer if you will!

1st March 1976
Ric Flair vs Pete Sanchez

Years before Ric Flair departed WCW with the Heavyweight Championship and paraded it on WWE TV, Ric Flair made two appearances for the WWWF in 1976! This is the debut of Ric Flair in WWE history and also his Madison Square Garden debut!
Having met Ken Patera while working as a bouncer, Ric Flair began training with Verne Gagne where he trained alongside future stars such as Patera, Iron Sheik and Jim Brunzell. Having started wrestling in 1972 in AWA, he broke his back in three places in a plane crash and was told to retire aged 26. Three months of rigorous physical therapy allowed Ric Flair to come back to wrestling. Working for NWA, Ric did a quick stop in WWWF who had a mutual relationship with NWA. Two years after this match Ric would start using the Nature Boy name to incite a feud with the original Nature Boy Buddy Rogers.
Ric Flair pre - styling and profiling days!

And Finally...

19th February 1983
10 man tag team 3 out of 5 falls match
Andre The Giant/Jimmy Snuka/Salvatore Bellomo/Pedro Morales/Rocky Johnson vs.
Buddy Rose/Billy Graham/Ray Stevens/Mr Fuji/Don Muraco

We conclude with this massive main event from a 1983 live event! Featuring seven WWE Hall Of Famers this match is 3 out of 5 falls! Ray Stevens was talked about being inducted in this years HOF but wasn't included. Stevens is considered one of the best heels in history and would use the flip in the corner more synonymous with Ric Flair before falling to the floor outside. He would have his birthplace changed depending where he was wrestling to portray an outsider. He was a decorated champion winning multiple titles in the various NWA territories as well as AWA.

Buddy Rose is also considered to be one of the best heels ever, appearing as the Executioner vs Tito Santana in the very first match in Wrestlemania history. In the early 90's he had put on weight and used it as his gimmick changing his weight from 271 pounds to a "slim 217 pounds" in his role as a comical enhancement talent in WWE.

Salvatore Bellomo is a quirky participant. He started off strong in WWE but then became an enhancement talent, even appearing "unscheduled" on an edition of Pipers Pit. He did wrestle the first match for the ECW Championship in 1993, losing to Jimmy Snuka. Wrestling mostly as a wildman, the retired Belgian-Italian wrestled for three decades, retiring in 2006.
With 238 title reigns between these 10 in companies such as WWE, ECW, NWA, Stampede and AWA, these 10 put on an extremely fun match! Imagine if it went for the full 2 hour time limit!

That concludes this week's WWE Hall of Fame Special Scavenger Hunt! Make sure to check back every Friday for more wild and random clips from the world of pro wrestling. If you would like to check out previous Hunts click here.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ladies and Gentleman, Hork Hargen!: In Defense of Eva Marie for Hall of Fame Host

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hork Hargen!
In Defense of Eva Marie for Hall of Fame Host
Written by: The Masked Mark

People really love any opportunity to hate Eva Marie don’t they?  If my Twitter timeline is to be believed, the recent decision to have her host the Hall of Fame ceremony is the biggest middle finger to the rich history of professional wrestling the WWE has ever given.

Friday, March 20, 2015

HobosGhost's Scavenger Hunt - No Sympathy For The Devil!

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the Scavenger Hunt with me, Simon Knowles AKA HobosGhost who lurks around on Twitter! Each week I compile five clips from the history of wrestling, from well known matches to random little stuff from the indie scene!

What's in store this week? Let's begin with...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

HobosGhost's Scavenger Hunt - No Laughing Matter for Bill!

Good day everyone and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! I am Simon "HobosGhost" Knowles who you can find on Twitter (say hi!) and this is the weekly segment here on TWC where I compile five clips from the world of wrestling!

A real mix bag of clips today (no surprise there) so let's begin!